Menagerie Out of this world Kit Kat Flavors
Menagerie Out of this world Kit Kat Flavors
Out of this world Kit Kat Flavors
April 28, 2014
April 28, 2014

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With today’s raging and developing amenities, the advent of tremendously creative, wondrous evolutions of our old favorites no longer surprises us. Kit Kat, a staple of the snack industry, leads the way in this exceptional path. So in celebration of this food revolution, we partner up with Nestlé to share the future of Kit Kat bars—an array of the most interesting, possibly supernatural, and certainly unique of all candy bar creations—and see what students think of them. “It’s the Muggle’s version of Every Flavor Bean!” says Jonathan Lim (III, BSA).


Bagoong Kit Kat

The surreal taste of the bagoong Kit Kat has all of the salty spiciness of bagoong, with none of the nostalgia of the classic Kit Kat. Rest assured, with this radical change, it is nothing short of delicious, with an equal amount of, “hey, ok ‘to pag may rice,” says MJ (III, AB-PSM). It’s something that’s meant to be enjoyed in small, single servings. “You don’t want to eat it all at once; you wanna savor it and kinda let it roll a bit in your mouth to enjoy the aftertaste,” says Pepe (I, MKT).

Though recommended in teensy portions, “…it’s a big flavor to share. I want to give this away during our org’s Frosh-welcoming party AY 2014-2015, if not sa debut ko” adds Doris (I, ECE).


Gravy Kit Kat

Out of all the new Kit Kat variants, the gravy Kit Kat has to be the most savory. The fact that it can be eaten alongside fried chicken is very encouraging. “Aside from being an actual liquid, it has all the properties of gravy,” says Romeo (III, ME). The “gravy-ness” of the Kit Kat, makes it one of the most popular new variants of Kit Kat. The startling but pleasing result makes this Kit Kat very popular among foreigners because of the sense of familiarity it gives. “It reminds me of something that I’ve tasted before, not quite gravy, not quite chocolate, but still oh so good. Parang KFC pero mukhang putik, ngunit masarap,” adds Boris (II, MGT).


The Gravy Kit Kat has earned quite the following from comfort food lovers, seeking to combine old favorites into new exciting flavors. Though who could be more thrilled than the folks from KFC, whose divine associations with gravy are inclining them to take advantage of this, and finally replace their horrible brownies with the fond phenomenon.


Frog legs Kit Kat

Immensely popular among foodies, the Frog Legs Kit Kat is the most expensive among the new varieties. This is thanks, in no small part, to the amount of effort needed to manufacture the Kit Kat. Even with all the weird and wonderful new flavors, this Kit Kat certainly stands out. “It’s difficult to believe that something like this exists. I could literally eat this every day,” says Procopio (I, BIO). Unlike the other variations of Kit Kat which try to introduce a familiar flavor to the mix, like gravy or Wonka Nerds, the Frog Legs Kit Kat tries to do the opposite, which is to introduce something totally different into the mix. “It’s like eating a foreign delicacy, parang you feel you’re not even here when you’re eating it,” says Walden (XX, CHEM).


Snickers Kit Kat

On the outside, it’s still the same, maintaining form for sharing purposes, an ideal Kit Kat has always stood for. But on the inside, it’s a surprise for all chocolate bar lovers. What has been the interior of Snickers now lives inside of a Kit Kat. Those who enjoy it have pondered the idea of composite chocolate and provide important comments. “Inception, brooooo,” says Marge (VII, AE-FIN). “It’s the most spiritual event of modern times; peace and diabetes can now be distributed in Halloween!!!!!!” comments Jonas (IV, AE). However, since Snickers is not owned by Nestlé but by Mars, manufacturing of the sweet hybrid has been ordered to cease and a lawsuit is on its way. “It was a short-lived dream, and for a while, I felt truly happy” laments Einstein (III, IT).


Wonka Nerds Kit Kat

“We own both Kit Kat and Wonka candies, thus we present to you a flawlessly legal product,” announced Nestlé three days after the SnickKat tragedy. Einstein says, “This is the most wonderfully weird thing ever. It reminds of my girlfriend…” Nerds Kit Kat apparently appeals to emotions everywhere, #feels. “Pag binubuksan ko ‘to, natutuwa ako sa colors… it fills up the SnickKat-shaped hole in my heart #feels” says Pocahontas, (II, EPSY). While it’s loved by many, this mash-up treat isn’t loved by everybody. “This candy makes no sense. Bagoong was already on the money” says Alfred Patrick (I, CAM-MKT).


Kit Kat Famous

Gaining reputation as the hipster of mainstream candies, Kit Kat Famous is a fabulous treat, edible and collectible. With no explanation whatsoever to its name, this new version of Kit Kat uses whole grain for its wafers and for its filling, vegetables unfamiliar to the tables of our home. Certainly “special for special”, the outer layer of this Kit Kat has transformed wafer sticks into piano keys – an explicable musical touch.

Both interior and exterior aspects of Famous have certainly put the grandest flourish to all the changes made for the brand, changes which have confused quite a number of people. “I don’t know who you are anymore. You’ve changed, Kit Kat, you’ve changed” says Louis (V, PHM). “This is a conspiracy theory, a myth not unlike these so called ‘Bagoong Kit Kat’ and ‘Snickers Kit Kat,” says Mark (II, CHE).

“If Kit Kat and all its changes were personified, it would be a certain band. Parang Panic! At the Disco ang Kit Kat these days” says Jason (IV, BSA). The formerly simple candy bar is starting to astonish us with its crazy, unconventional turns—a trait so wildly parallel to the Las Vegas-based group. It’s one thing now and another tomorrow, continuously changing, unpredictable and exciting. Never forget, though, to “have a break” in trying all the Kit Kats. It’s no friend to the dieters and health conscious. “I’m half human and half Kit Kat na #sadface” says Megan (III, BSA).