Sports Green and Lady Tankers: Swimming out of the comfort zone
Sports Green and Lady Tankers: Swimming out of the comfort zone
Green and Lady Tankers: Swimming out of the comfort zone
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

After falling short in their appearance during last season’s swimming tournament, the DLSU Green and Lady Tankers have incorporated a new training regimen to improve their performance. Changes will include more training hours, a higher intensity level of conditioning, and the most recent move by their coaches: have their athletes train at the Pasig River.

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Today, the Pasig River is said to be one of the most polluted bodies of water in Asia. In addition, ecologists state that the river is unable to sustain life. Even after several rehabilitation programs by the private and public sector, Pasig River still remains as hazardous as ever.

Starting this summer, however, the DLSU Tankers will be testing the treacherous tides of Pasig River as this will be the new training pool for the team in preparation for the 78th season of the UAAP.


Towards improvement 

Last season, the Green and Lady Tankers finished fourth and third respectively. It’s been four years since DLSU won a championship in the swimming event of the UAAP. This year, the coaches have agreed on taking a huge step for the team; and that is holding their training at the Pasig River.

Head coach Evan Grabador has confirmed this and says that it is a good chance for them to get a feel of the outdoors. For the longest time, DLSU’s training has been confined to the four walls of the Enrique Razon Sports Complex. This time around, the Tankers will be facing a new environment that is sure to challenge them as a unit.

“This will test both our physical and mental toughness as a team,” Grabador says. He also talks about how Pasig River has the perfect conditions for a swim team.

“The upstream of the river is perfect for stamina, as well as the polluted waters that will help our swimmers hold their breath,” Grabador comments.



The Taft-based squad is confident that this decision will further improve their time on the water since they will be battling it out against the unknown entities that the Pasig River has to offer. One of their key swimmers and record holder, Red Silvestre, agrees with the team’s decision. “Okay naman sa akin na mag-ensayo sa Pasig River. Siyempre, hindi siya usual na gawin ng mga swim team pero sa tingin naming ito ang magbibigay ng kumpyansa sa amin. Kasi pag-dating na sa mismong competition, mas handa na kami dahil nakasanayan na namin yung mahirap,” Silvestre says on the team’s transfer.

The team also adds that this will allow them to gain a competitive edge against other powerhouse teams such as UP and Ateneo. They look to topple the top two swimming squads next season thanks to their new training regimen.

Grabador says that they will be training at the Pasig River three times a week, every morning. He also mentioned that training will push through regardless of the conditions. Discipline, hard work, and tenacity are what he believes the new system will instill in his athletes.


Sense of urgency

With their summer training just around the corner, the Tankers are now conditioning themselves for their new system as headed by the coaching staff. The team is now more focused than ever and they have their eyes on the prize.

“We are confident with the new environment we will be training in. Yes it will be hard but if that’s what it takes, then the team and I are more than committed,” Grabador concludes.