Menagerie Humans of the Learning Commons
Menagerie Humans of the Learning Commons
Humans of the Learning Commons
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

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Universities all over the world are composed of people from all walks of life, and DLSU is no different. Diversity coupled with dynamism has created a list, if you will, of the everyday students you see around the library. Here is a look into the Humans of Learning Commons.


The Book Worm

“A week ago, my professor in our Introductory Philosophy class asked us to look for this book called The Search. It’s a book about the quest of knowing one’s self. I searched all the shelves here in the 7th floor but up until now, I still haven’t found it.”

“Are you still looking for it??”

“Nope. But I have found a lot more other stuff.”




The Pooper

“I really can’t remember when it actually started but every morning, right after I enter the South gate, I would frantically run towards the Henry Sy Sr. Hall and proceed to the comfort room on the 13th floor near the elevators to take my dump. ”

“Of all the places, why the 13th floor comfort room? Why not just poop in your house before you get to school”?

“You see, pooping to me isn’t just routinely sitting in a toilet bowl, excreting body waste. I actually consider it as a personal ritual – a time to meditate, to think about my life decisions and to consider the rest of my existence in this humongous world.

“To do this, I need to find the right restroom to contemplate my thoughts, free from any forms of distractions.  Even though we have 10 bathrooms in our house, I couldn’t really feel comfortable doing my thing in any of them. The 13th floor restroom is definitely my sanctuary.”


The Loner

“Lately I’ve been thinking about this whole educational system – how one can actually get a 4.0 by rote memorization of formulas or scientific terms without actually understanding the whole point of a course? Or even worse, pass through college without really learning anything? You see, earning a degree is not always tantamount to learning and growing. What’s more, this university prides itself on producing competent future business executives, the supposed saviors of our economic situation.  But I think this leaves no room for those whose ultimate goals aren’t about getting filthy rich or running their family businesses someday, those simply hoping to make this world a better place.

“So what’s your plan now?”

“I decided to quit partaking in the system. One of these days, this library – which has become the symbol of this institution’s adherence to the filthy ways of capitalism – will be tumbled down and burnt to ashes. Shhh.”


The All-Nighter Addict

“Did you have a good sleep”?

“Yeah. I just finished my term paper here in the library. I took a nap because believe it or not, earlier today was the deadline and I just started working on it this morning. I can’t help it. I just like the thrill of beating the deadlines”.


The Computer Hogger

“No, you cannot borrow my place at the computer, not even for five minutes.”

“Please, I just really need to send some requirements through my e-mail, and all the computers are taken!”

“Instead of pestering me, why not find someone else instead? Can’t you see I’m busy reading manga?”

“Is your time really that precious?”

“No, I am simply a good steward of my parents’ hard-earned money, and I intend to maximize every cent of the PHP 2,075.00 library fee.”


The Señorita

“Kuya, I want a copy of Love in the Time of Cholera, my friend wants to read The Alchemist, and we want it now! It takes us too long to use WebOPAC and navigate the endless shelves. Sige na, please?”

“Miss, please just try the WebOPAC. My colleague is absent today, and I have so much to do. Kindly help yourself by learning how to navigate the electronic catalog.”

Ano ba naman yan? So unhelpful! Don’t you know the tuition we pay funds your salary? The least you could do is provide quality services!”

“Miss, we have both wasted enough time as it is. If you really want to grate me about your tuition fee, why not think about the money that goes to paying for the WebOPAC?”


The Crafty One

“I love reading too much, so I keep my favorite books to myself by deliberately misplacing them, so that only I can access my precious books when and where I want them. It’s why no one else can seem to find Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?. Mwahahahaha!”


The Coffee Bean Fandom

Ugh, this thesis is killing me, but Coffee Bean drinks are the best antidote. Who cares about my thinning wallet anyway? Miss, can I please have one large White Chocolate Dream, three large Vanilla Lattes for my thesis mates, and two slices of Triple Decker Cheesecake?”

“Sure! Do you have a Swirl Card?”

“Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me! I’m inching so close to that free drink!”