Menagerie The new Lasallian dress code
Menagerie The new Lasallian dress code
The new Lasallian dress code
April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016

Wake up, open the closet, put on an outfit, change into a new one, repeat. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably been in this vicious cycle for quite some time. Well, the everyday struggle of choosing what to wear has now come to an end. After a series of dress code violations recorded by the Student Discipline and Formation Office (SDFO), the administration has finally decided that the students of De La Salle University needs a uniform dress code to follow.


Uniform regulations

Don’t you fret, the uniform isn’t the usual navy-pleated skirt with the button down, the khaki pants with the white polo shirt, or the black leather shoes with the white socks. The new uniform is unique, based on the admin’s observations on the Lasallian community. Vicente De los Reyes of the SDFO says, “The new dress code or uniform was designed in such a way na familiar lahat ng mga students sa clothes, even if it’s rare that they get to wear them.”

For the boys, it will be a collared shirt, with an archer print or with a single green archer embroidered on the shirt pocket. This’ll be paired with skinny jeans or khaki shorts, and the iconic Stan Smith. “Maganda kasi when you see a group of boys wearing the green Adidas, minsan ka lang makakita ng ganun.” Timothy (III, ISE) shares. “It’s green and white [which are] the school colors. And halos everyone wants a pair, so why not make it into a uniform?”

For the ladies, it will become mandatory to come in a pencil or bandage skirt. The top is a plain white shirt with a green archer on the breast pocket, similar to that of the boys’. And also like the boys, the girls will wear plain white sneakers, or they may choose to also come in in Stan Smiths. “I’ve actually never seen girls wear this combo of clothes,” Coleen (I, APC) observes. “Bawal kasi yung skirt diba? It’s gonna be cool to see us girls wear this attire because it’s so fit for school activities.”

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Dress to impress

Much of what makes the new Lasallian uniform stand out is the fact that it is not only a quick fix, but also a stylish one. “It’s a win for me, I won’t have to think about what to wear,” Sarah (I, BSA) says. “Lalo na sa accounting, grades dapat yung kinakayod, hindi outfit.” The uniform is smart casual, a perfect attire for a school day.

Majority of Lasallians seem to be in favor of the new uniform, according to a survey distributed by the SDFO. “I love the idea of having a uniform. Aside from the fact that I can wear my casual clothes without getting sick of them, the uniform will [help] me focus in class,” Peter (I, OCM) shares, adding that he sometimes gets distracted admiring an article of clothing. He also mentions that uniforms promote sameness and equality, which is another reason he supports the new dress code’s implementation.

Some, however, find it a hassle, as they don’t usually wear or even own these types of clothing. “I would have preferred if it were to be any collared shirt instead of the DLSU one,” Carmela (II, MGT) shares on her attachment to casual clothing.  “I have to buy a new shirt pa tuloy. Plus, my Stan Smiths are blue. I have to go out and get a green one before the new term starts.”


The future of the uniform

Despite some students begin against the implementation of the dress code, most of the survey’s respondents are still in agreement with the program. They get to wear trendy and unique clothes that before were rarely seen in the University. It’s a new take on coming into school and dressing up for it. Plus, now, no one can berate you for coming under or overdressed. This “power uniform” has the added benefit of also being suited for presentations, reports, and other solemn and serious activities in school.

Currently, the SDFO is still in consultation with the University Student Government about the articles of clothing, although the uniform’s implementation seems likely. It seems like it’s only a matter of time until DLSU is recognized all around the country for their fresh new take on campus uniforms.

By Audrey Giongco and Eternity Ines