University LS building to be exclusive for SHS students next AY
University LS building to be exclusive for SHS students next AY
LS building to be exclusive for SHS students next AY
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

The St. La Salle Hall, or what Lasallians commonly refer to as the LS building, is set to exclusively house only Senior High School (SHS) students next academic year. This development has been approved by DLSU President Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC in a meeting attended by members from the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and the University Student Government.


Senior High School


Reasons for change
Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Development Josemari S. Calleja revealed in a statement that this new development is a strategy which addresses the problem on space availability for the overall count of SHS students.

“In the coming years, there is an expected larger number of SHS student enrollees which emphasizes the need for the University to provide enough space to accommodate these students,” he claims. Calleja adds that the LS building was particularly chosen because of its size and given its historical background of serving as a grade school and high school building in the past.

He further implies, “The long horizontal structure of the LS building best suits senior high school classroom’s need for closeness and unity. The building was mentioned to be large enough to cater to SHS services and all current and incoming SHS students.”


RVR-COB classes to Andrew Hall
In recent years, the LS building had been known to house classes from the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVR-COB). However, in light of the recent development, RVR-COB classes will now be held at the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall. The hall is composed of 20 floors that currently house the Br. Andrew Gonzalez College of Education majors and a few classes from the other colleges of the University. The DLSU administration believes that the Andrew building is the best building in campus where RVR-COB major classes can
be held.

“After careful considerations, the administration has decided that the Andrew Hall has enough space to cater lecture rooms and other needed services for the College of Business. We hope that Lasallians, especially students from RVR-COB and the BAGCED, understand these much needed adjustments,” expressed Calleja. The administration hopes for the students’ full compliance in the recent development for this is only a step in the University’s continuous drive
for improvement.


Development plans
Plans for the placement of SHS classrooms and additional offices are currently being finalized in preparation for the start of the next academic year. As of press time, SHS offices are located at the ground floor of LS building.

Calleja reveals that more of these offices will be constructed to cater to other services needed by the Taft campus’ SHS. Other offices found in LS such as the Accounting Office will not be relocated to another building.

Major developments are said to be planned for the placement of SHS classrooms. SHS students will enjoy the luxury of having all classrooms available in the LS building, from the first to third floor.


Lasallians’ sentiments
This new development drew in mixed reactions from Lasallians. Mia Hui (III, BS-LGL) shares that the transferring of the major classes of RVR-COB to Andrew building will just add to the overwhelming number of classes currently being held in the said building. “There are always traffic jams leading to the upper floors of Andrew because some classes of almost all colleges of the University are conducted there. Permanently adding COB major classes there will only increase the problem,” she comments.

Andrew Custodio (II, BSED-MTH-C) asserts the same sentiment with the RVR-COB students. He emphasizes that the LS building is likewise large enough to cater at least some classes of RVR-COB, even classes of other colleges. He believes practical measures were not considered when the LS building was marked as exclusive for SHS students.

Some students, on the other hand, believed that this initiative would be beneficial for future University purposes. Marc Chua (I, BS-FIN) expresses, “With this new development, the University has a means of catering to future SHS students as it is expected that there will be a large number of SHS enrollees next school year.”

He conveys the same thought that the Andrew building has more than enough lecture rooms to serve RVR-COB classes. “The campus possesses but a few buildings from which all colleges share,” he discloses. “There are still some lecture rooms in Andrew Hall which are not used often. These can be accommodated for the COB classes.”

Current senior high school student Jade Vergara (Grade 11, ABM) cheerfully embraces the new development. “The LS building is a perfect fit for SHS,” she notes. “Hopefully, the building would be completely ready come next school year.”