University Pahayagang Lozol 2k17: TLS, APP merger
University Pahayagang Lozol 2k17: TLS, APP merger
Pahayagang Lozol 2k17: TLS, APP merger
April 1, 2017
April 1, 2017

The Student Media Office (SMO) made paalam in last month’s General Assembly of Student Media Groups (SMG) the decision of the board to merge The LaSallian and Ang Pahayagang Plaridel into one school publication for the University, starting in academic year 2017-2018. The announcement came after the realization from the office to further live out their thrust, “One SMO.”

“What better example to other organizations and institutions, who try to live out their own thrusts, than to continue with such decision,” ascertains SMO Director Anna Loraine Balita-Centeno. “We are not trying to make yabang, but like, it’s one of the best decisions our office had thought of,” she adds.

To make the transition legitimate, the merged publication will be officially named Pahayagang Lozol to recognize the versatility of using different mediums or languages in the newspaper, and likewise represent the Lasallian culture in its pages.


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Opinions of leaders and constituents
TLS Editor in Chief Benny Tan expresses his support for the merger, conveying that this would finally bring unity in the two SMGs. “Ever since kasi, there have been super daming conflicts between TLS and APP. I believe the merger is sobrang helpful for everyone, especially sa mga writers who have a hard time sa pag-cover ng events, and to the photographers as well.”

Tan also claims that the merger would require “less hassle” in delegating event coverages and article write-ups, given the stronger manpower from the two organizations.

Likewise, APP Punong Patnugot Tyrone Piad affirms that the merger will not be a balakid in the regular operations of The LaSallian and Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, as it would all the more hikayat a wider participation from its respective staffers. “For me, magandang idea siya because mas magiging active yung mga members ng both organizations and kasi mas magiging competitive din yung work environment namin,” asserts Piad.

Staffers, as well, expressed their thoughts on the unified publication of Pahayagang Lozol and the bigger impact of their contributions as student journalists. TLS staffer Anthony Tang expressed his excitement to make kayod with the constituents of APP to deliver successful articles, once under one publication. “Aside from the fact that more people would mean more ideas and hopefully a more efficient system, there would also be more mga kalaro for Chinese Checkers,” adds Tang.

TLS Managing Editor Bianca Suarez also expressed her excitement regarding the merger, specifically on being able to freely gamit the Taglish medium in writing articles from then on. “It’s nice kasi, we will be more versatile in writing articles, and also be super relatable to the students who read our newspaper. I feel like I’m really more bagay now with this setup,” Suarez expounds.


On suspension of applications
In line with this, both organizations would temporarily suspend the application for new staffers, given that the merger would constitute a bigger number of existing manpower that would suffice for the ongoing operations of Pahayagang Lozol. However, Tan and Piad still assure the aspiring writers, artists, and photographers that the application would be open again once the unified publication is stable for operations.

“We would be so many na kasi if we accepted applicants pa, but once the system is smooth-flowing again, we’re very sure na we’ll be recruiting again,” explains Tan, highlighting the major changes that the merger would bring upon the organizations.
The current editorial board of TLS and APP have also made pasya that the current non-regular and underperforming staffers from both publications will now have a shorter probationary period of two terms until termination. “We have to prioritize kasi the quality of our works and articles. That’s why we have to bantay their performance,” quotes Piad.


Editorial Board Race
The Editorial Board (EB) Race is an annual competition that would serve as a foundation and a training ground for aspiring editors and managers. It constitutes a variety of criteria that should be followed by the soon-to-be leaders of the organization. With regard to the merger, TLS and APP would inaugurate a combined EB race as well.

The new system of the EB race will allow anyone from the existing regular staffers of now Pahayagang Lozol to sali and prove themselves karapat-dapat for their vied positions.
“I think it’s very exciting kasi this time we can hanap more potentially deserving people to fill in the positions in the EB. As long as we see that you’re determined and passionate, we won’t make kontra,” concludes Tan.

Pahayagang Lozol’s EB Race will be conducted before the start of the third term of this academic year, and will add a Taglish Comprehension Test and a Recruitment Simulation Test to further determine their pagiging deserving.

Essentially, the main goal of the merger is to make more epektibo the delivery of news to the Lasallian community. It will also encourage more pakikisama among the members of the SMO. As of press time, SMO and the EBs of both SMGs are looking into integrating Malate Literary Folio for Pahayagang Lozol’s literary section.