Menagerie Go green with Imee: Education fit for a Queen
Menagerie Go green with Imee: Education fit for a Queen
Go green with Imee: Education fit for a Queen

Imee Marcos, whose political accomplishments can only be rivaled by her university degrees, has once again proven her intellectual might by being appointed as an honorary professor in newly instated Pan De Salle’s College of Economics (PDSCEC), teaching Foreign Resource Management. After reviewing her multiple contributions to the cultural development of the Philippines, her strong educational aspirations and accomplishments, and her strong advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, the University has deemed Imee the best candidate to spearhead the new course.


MANARCS’s Gucci signal

Foreign Resource Management will be a new offering by PDSCEC this coming term; the course will be known as Management of Another Entity’s Resources and it will have the associated course code MANARCS. The course, which focuses on managing offshore finances and data privacy, will give a new generation of Filipinos the brand of education that the Marcos family was so well-known for during her father’s time in office. The course syllabus will include but will not be limited to the fundamentals of managing and maximizing resources of both individuals and third parties, effectively addressing operational problems, and utilizing tools such as the internet and social media to maintain and cultivate consumer satisfaction.

Supremo Ferragamo, the University’s foremost Academic Research Director for Foreign Resource Allocation, claims that he has “full faith” in Imee’s ability to lead and “inspire future generations to pursue asset building abroad and to mobilize their beliefs for their business ventures”. In response, a representative for Marcos said, “Si Ma’am Imee, you know, merong moves talaga ‘yan eh; she likes to move-it-move-on, because she never looks back to let the past weigh her down kasi.” When asked what “move-it-move-on” meant, the respondent dismissed the question with an invitation to go fishing.

(Ma’am Imee, you know, she really has the moves.)

In describing her pedagogical approach for the course, Imee expresses a desire to combine her father’s perpetual legacy, as well as her own experiences abroad. She insists, “I graduated from a foreign university, so of course I am qualified to teach this course. Plus, my father’s management style has remained popular even after he vacated the seat. The new generations are always talking about it—especially online.” She beams at this point, with the pride expected of a daughter whose father is buried among the country’s heroes.


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Students’ choice

The students who were fortunate enough to have experienced the pilot run of the course seemed to have understood Marcos’ unique principles completely. After an introductory lecture, many of the test subjects said they found the class “interesting” and “enlightening”. Louise Vetton (X, BSAE-FE) said, “At first I really didn’t know what to expect like, parang, I was so gulat that someone so sikat would make turo here in Pan De Salle! As an avid fan of history, sobrang nakakawow si Miss Imee; she is so inspirational and like parang, you’ll learn so much from her kahit your eyes are making pikit!”

(I was so shocked that someone so famous would teach here in Pan De Salle. As an avid fan of history, Miss Imee is truly an inspiration and you will learn so much from her even if your eyes are closed.)

Beyond finding the honorary professor engaging and relatable, students also found the subject material innovative and pushing the boundaries of just how moving a class can be. Versachee Nasasahig (IV, BSAEC-IE) shared, “It’s like, parang, learning both history and management in one. I now feel more ‘woke’ after just that preview lesson, so I feel like super sulit talaga the tuition if I would enlist in that course next term.”

(I feel that the tuition fees would be worth it.)

The pilot run also showed that Imee was not at all living in the past, but rather knew how to get along with the times and to connect with the younger generations. In quoting the vernacular of the youth, Imee promises to “never miss”, and to “skrrt and hit that dab like Wiz Khalifa,” as shown in a promotional video with fellow accolade Saradomo Yungpinto.


Long longevity

“The youth will learn how to keep the [financial] resources flowing for a long, long, long time.”

Imee adds that her teaching strategies will ensure that students will not easily forget how to succeed in business. After all, of what use is profit if there is no sustainability?

Speaking of long-term goals, Imee says she hopes she can expand her expertise and pass on her exalted knowledge to future generations by teaching more courses. “You know, I really want to make an impact. People can learn a lot from me, so why keep all this knowledge to myself?” A true philanthropist, Imee is a shining example of what happens when opportunity meets excellence. Even though Imee may not have studied in a Lasallian school, she exemplifies the words emblazoned in every Lasallian classroom—she is a Lasallian achiever for God and Country.

In fact, another Lasallian school has similarly recognized Imee’s extraordinary potential for education. Highly anticipated to teach a shoe design course at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Imee Marcos looks ready to set foot and do a fierce catwalk in the pages of history as she takes the steps to build her own lasting legacy. Included in the course’s curriculum is a field trip to the Libingan ng mga Bayani in their designed shoes.

It would come as no surprise if she, too, finds herself capturing Filipino minds.