Menagerie iPads to be required by DLSU, AirPods to be awarded to Dean’s Listers
Menagerie iPads to be required by DLSU, AirPods to be awarded to Dean’s Listers
iPads to be required by DLSU, AirPods to be awarded to Dean’s Listers
March 31, 2019
March 31, 2019

To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders is an exhausting feat—but to carry the weight of your required readings is another story all together.

Each day, students struggle to lug their bags around due to the overwhelming load. A heavy backpack can make things very burdensome for the everyday Lasallian. Difficulties such as squeezing into the entrance checkpoint of campus or walking toward the seat at the back of the classroom are just some out of the many grievances backpack or shoulder bag users experience.

According to the Health Services Office, there has been an increase of students reporting back and shoulder pains due to the heavy burden on their shoulders. A survey conducted by The LaSallian found that 87 percent of its respondents experience bodily pain (back, shoulders, knees, and arms) due to carrying too much books and readings.

As an institution that goes beyond academic achievement, the University believes in prioritizing the health and welfare of their students. In order to alleviate the discomfort of many, the administration will implement the use of iPads in the educational environment. De La Salle University will also, for one term only, provide a new incentive for First Dean’s Lister hopefuls.




Notebook-sized convenience

The implementation of iPads in the school curriculum has already been adopted by high school branches of De La Salle, namely De La Salle Santiago Zobel School and La Salle Greenhills, along with other private schools like Xavier School.

Perry Tsong (I, BSM), a former Xaverian who experienced an Apple-centric curriculum, mentions, “It’s parang like whenever I needed to do a paper, it’s a lot easier to unlock an iPad nalang instead of turning on a heavy laptop when waiting for programs to open pa. Kasi if you’re in a hurry, an iPad is as easy to turn on as a phone, so I can type and make habol my submissions.”

(I can catch up with my submissions.)

A test was also done last term for certain classes, and it yielded positive results with professors mentioning the ease of document transfers to students through the AirDrop feature of iOS devices. Class discussion applications such as Canvas also allowed students to lessen the bulk they bring in terms of notebooks. Mackary Intoshi (III, CPE) mentions how having an iPad helped her in note taking. “It’s a lot easier now that each subject is just a tap away. Power Mac Center also gave discounts on Apple Pencils, so it really made writing equations in the iPad a lot quicker,” she says, recalling the disgusted looks from fellow students as she continued to write with pen and paper. “I got a lot of hate back then with some of my classmates shouting that I’m killing the Earth while they sip on their metal straws. I feel like I belong now that I’m an Apple girl.”


Going wireless

The Jose Rizal First Honors award is an homage to the “intellectual excellence” of our national hero. It is a title coveted and received by many who go above and beyond to succeed in their studies. Whether it’s the self-satisfaction one may receive, or the physical perks such as early-enlistment and unlimited absences, we can’t argue that there are numerous benefits included with this award.

In an attempt to further motivate the students and create more Lasallian achievers for God and Country, a new incentive shall be given to those who garner the coveted first Dean’s Lister status. Eligible students will receive a set of Apple AirPods along with their certificate during the succeeding term.

In an exclusive interview with The LaSallian, Gordon Clemente, Power Mac Center manager, explained that the student must maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above, and in a surprising twist, their lowest grade must be a 3.5 as well, a notable increase from the standard 2.0. Full conditions and mechanics will be released through an official statement by Power Mac Center in the near future.

“AirPods are useful because I can listen to the lecture while using the restroom,” Libby M. Deryhea (II, AB-ISE) says. A notable feature of the hands free device is its Live Listen option, which is available for iOS 12 and above. The user can leave one AirPod on top of their desk, and listen to the lecture within appropriate distance. “I get diarrhea a lot, so investing in AirPods was a life-changing decision,” she adds. Fulfilling the constant need to go to the toilet will no longer affect her academics. With this device, she can conveniently go to the toilet without missing class.

The future truly begins here.


Hands, paper, and hassle free

Looking ahead to the new school year, the implementation may take some time to get used to. A future filled with Apple products is foreseeable, but it may take some time adapting these devices within the learning environment. In a survey conducted by The LaSallian, 72 percent of the professors who responded expressed their interest in the use of MacOS in classrooms. However, there is a fraction of faculty who are against the idea of an Apple ecosystem, standing their ground as Android and Windows purists.

Despite the different opinions, one thing is for sure: the implementation of these devices into the academe will help pave the way to a technologically advanced and paperless University. Students, armed with Apple products, can freely walk without experiencing discomfort. Animo La Salle!