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The LaSallian
Ripping off band-aids
Editorial Opinion // March 31, 2017

The recent moratorium imposed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on field trips, issued after the tragic bus accident in Tanay, Rizal about a month ago, seems like the latest in a series of band-aid solutions made in response to certain accidents or tragedies. A band-aid is a small bandage applied to a wound…

The punch line
Editorial // April 1, 2016

April Fools’ Day came early for the Philippines in the form of the second of three Commission on Elections (Comelec)-organized presidential debates, held last March 20 at the University of the Philippines – Cebu. This is the first set of Comelec debates held since 1992, and it is a wonder that there was a 24-year…

Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts take UAAP 78 centerstage
Sports News // April 24, 2015

After 77 years of multi-platformed sports, the UAAP boardmembers have announced that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing will be a part of the annual league events. Both of these contact sports will take part in the 78th season of the UAAP, which is set to kickoff mid-2015. The announcement has opened the eyes of…

Make it count
Editorial // April 27, 2014

Elections for the positions in the University Student Government are held annually and it gives the student body a chance to be heard and instill the change that they want to see by selecting leaders who they believe can best represent them.