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Denise Nicole Uy
U Break returns: Friday is free
Feature Shookt // March 31, 2018

The University has heard your concerns. It has seen you bleed sweat, cry blood, and inhale tears as you battle the Friday traffic. Last term, students organized a petition to revert the U Break back to Fridays. But the petition failed as the administration pushed through with its hasty plan. The students called for reform;…

Jollibee opening inside De La Salle University
Feature Jollibee Shookt // April 1, 2017

Jollibee has long been considered a Filipino icon. Many people have shared fond memories at this staple. Perhaps you celebrated one of your birthdays there once, or you have memories of a parent bringing home an order of 2-piece chicken with spaghetti for merienda; whatever the case, Jollibee has been embedded into Filipino pop culture….