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Michi Dimaano
Better than this
April 1, 2016

Recently, the second presidential debate was held in UP Cebu. Of course, along with the serious matters that have to be tackled were the jokes and snarky comments of the candidates regarding each other. Netizens also took part in the fun, with posts containing hugot, jokes, and memes. #PiliPinas2016 became the top trending topic in…

Steve Harvey, SPEECOM professor
Feature //

Last year’s Miss Universe pageant sent the world abuzz with the announcement mishap that played with the emotions of die-hard fans and casual supporters alike. For the unaware, host Steve Harvey first announced Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez) was the winner. After having presented the crown and sash however, Steve went back to the stage to…

SM’s got it all for you
Fearless Forecast // April 28, 2014

The Lasallian lifestyle is going to be in for a Sy of change.