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Eternity Ines
LEAP 2K17: A glimpse of what’s in store
Feature Shookt // April 1, 2017

The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) is just one of the events that students look forward to during University Week. Classes that cater to almost any interest, from yoga to origami to wakeboarding, make the prospect of learning not so gloomy. These classes that seek to bring learning outside the four walls of the classroom…

The new Lasallian dress code
Feature // April 1, 2016

Wake up, open the closet, put on an outfit, change into a new one, repeat. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably been in this vicious cycle for quite some time. Well, the everyday struggle of choosing what to wear has now come to an end. After a series of dress code violations recorded by the Student Discipline…