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Isabel Cañaveral
New parents’ association HEART replaces PUSO
News Feature Shookt // March 31, 2018

Recent news give claim to the allegations regarding a strained relationship between the University administration and the De La Salle University Parents of University Students Organization (PUSO). An email released by University Chancellor Dr. Robert Roleda announced the school’s decision to terminate their relations with PUSO, requesting the organization to vacate their office in Br….

DLSU set to upgrade Wi-Fi by AY 2018-2019
News Feature Shookt Sosyal //

The internet connection inside the DLSU campus has always been a source of stress for the Lasallian community. Aside from being slow, it is only confined to a few access points, limiting the number of devices it can cater to. In an interview with The LaSallian, Mr. Allan Borra, Director of the Information Technology Services…