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Nadine Macalalad
FTDANTE: Dante Gulapa to teach FTDANCE in DLSU
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // March 31, 2019

In Portero, Malabon, a man slowly gyrating through the most titillating of poses can be seen on the side street, gathering a small crowd of onlookers as an upbeat yet despondent love song can be heard in the background. That man is none other than Dante Gulapa, who has recently become known as the “Big…

Jhepoy Dizon breaks his silence
Feature Jh3p0y dHeez0n Shookt // April 1, 2017

Viral videos have become part of the norm in this day and age of technology, so it came as no surprise when yet another video garnered widespread attention in the last month of 2016. While it was originally posted on YouTube three years back, the video features a young boy named Jhomar* spewing profanities towards…

On specialty reservation fees
Feature // April 1, 2016

De La Salle University has implemented a new policy as of A.Y. 2015-2016: the University’s Vice Deans are now accepting “Specialty Reservation Fees” to save class slots for students during enlistment in succeeding terms. This is supposedly to alleviate the problem of classes filling up, and students becoming unable to enroll in courses they need,…