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Roberto Matibag
DLSU Brothers to replace archer statue with Mbala’s figure
Balls Shookt Sports News // March 31, 2019

“Dedicating a statue for Ben Mbala has been a plan ever since his graduation from the school. We are confident that both he and the Lasallian community will appreciate this move,” DLSU President Brother Raymundo Suplido announced in a recent statement. After thorough deliberation and consultation with the administration and students of La Salle, the…

DLSU athletes to pursue eSports Careers
Shookt Sports Feature // March 31, 2018

Athletes shifting careers in sports are a rarity in the industry but there a few instances wherein an athlete feels burned out and wants to change sports to diversify their careers. An example of this would be six-time NBA Champion Michael Jordan who announced his retirement in 1993 to make a pit stop in baseball,…