Behind the Great Wall
by Daniel Ian Comandante and Adrienne Tan
April 24, 2015

Aside from academics and organizations, college wouldn’t be college without a string of relationship experiences. “This was our little meeting spot every morning,” says Miguel, reminiscing as he reaches the corner of Miguel Walk and the path along Agno gate. “Sobrang strict kasi ng parents niya so sa school lang kami nakakapag-meet. Kahit 11am pa…

An ID-entity crisis
by Nathaniel Sierras and Alexis Sobremonte

It looks like students will have to start wearing their IDs soon, because lanyards and ID laces are back in season! Well, in De La Salle University anyway. Worried that the new ID Policy takes away from the OOTDs you’ve spent so long to put together? Scared that that icky, tacky lanyard’s going to ruin…

Out of this world Kit Kat Flavors
by Andrea Mendoza and Alex Diaz de Riviera
Green Pulse // April 28, 2014

With today’s raging and developing amenities, the advent of tremendously creative, wondrous evolutions of our old favorites no longer surprises us. Kit Kat, a staple of the snack industry, leads the way in this exceptional path.

Diary of a grade-conscious kid
by Stephanie Tan and Jonathan Mendoza
Vignette //

Ermenegildo “Er” Ejercito is known for two things: his rather archaic name and his being grade conscious.

How #G2B saved my life
by Jamie Cornista
Vignette //

Got to Believe is truly one of the most brilliant plots ever written in the history of the universe

Starbucks here, Starbucks there
by Belle Justiniani and villena.april
Head to Head //

It’s not always the surrounding hype that makes this association automatic–it could just be the simple fact that we have a Starbucks… and a Starbucks… and a Starbucks nearby.

Finding El Dorado
by Shi Ailyn and Stephanie Pagdanganan
Vignette //

The lust for gold is immortal. They speak of a kingdom akin to El Dorado

Predictions for the next GE, WWE style
by Roy Eriga
Vignette //

Unlike his or her running mates, Tapat’s candidate for USG President has not been made publicized before the campaign period.