News Feature
News Feature
Be in the know: TLS Mobile to be released next week
by Ian Benedict Mia
News Feature Shookt // April 1, 2017

By next week, The LaSallian (TLS) will be releasing its mobile application “TLS Mobile”, which will be available both for Android and Apple smartphones. According to TLS Editor in Chief Wilhelm Tan, the application serves as a platform to better connect with its readers and to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. App features TLS…

Student-teacher program to address several University conundrums
by Jessy Go and Bianca Suarez
News Feature // April 25, 2015

In a town hall meeting held last April 1 at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space, DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC broke the news that undergraduate students can now teach at DLSU during their stay in the University. Starting next academic year, the DLSU TEACH program will be opened to Br. Andrew Gonzalez College of…

Power Mac, DLSU in the process of finalizing computer upgrades deal
by Debrah Tabaquero and Meeko Rustia
News Feature //

Just last year, a Power Mac Center was opened near the Central Plaza at DLSU. Apple devices and accessories have been sold at the branch at considerably cheaper prices to members of the University, making such technologies more accessible to the Lasallian community. In line with DLSU’s vision of becoming a world class university, the…

DLSU@Home Program: DLSU’s solution for homebound students
by Nina dela Cruz and Gabriel Hipolito
News Feature //

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA) has recently launched DLSU@Home, a hybrid online and off-campus program in which qualified students may have an academic experience from the comfort of their own homes. In the launching party held last April 1 at the North Forbes Park Pavilion amidst the houses of Manila’s elite,…

DLSU enters a new technological era: iMacs, smartboards, and better WiFi expected
by Iliana Tan and Karol Josef Ruado
News Feature //

While DLSU has largely been competent at providing facilities for every student, it has become very evident that the University still encounters problems and glitches in its technological services. Virus-ridden classroom computers, malfunctioning projectors, and horrible WiFi connections are just some of the complaints that the Information Technology Services (ITS) has received throughout the past…

Admin approves additional guidelines on ID policy
by Frank Santiago and Althea Gonzales
News Feature //

In light of the recent announcement of the mandatory wearing of the ID inside University premises, the President’s Council released additional guidelines regarding the new policy, detailing stricter regulations “aimed at improving safety and security within the campus.” A previous announcement released on January 31 declared it mandatory that all members of the Lasallian community—students,…

A brother’s journey to vice presidency: Br. Armin on Lasallian principles and political inclinations
by Ian Benedict Mia, Iliana Tan and Debrah Tabaquero
News Feature //

It’s official—after much thought, Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary and former DLSU President Br. Armin Luistro FSC has announced his plans of running for Vice President in the upcoming 2016 Philippine national elections. While the DepEd Secretary has yet to finalize an affiliation with a political party, recent reports suggest that he will be running alongside…

COMELEC gears up for next year’s Election Code revisions
by Justin Manay
News Feature // April 28, 2014

Voters next year may be casting their ballots to the tune of a new set of rules, as COMELEC prepares to revise the Election Code this year in light of complaints regarding the recent General Elections.