Lasallian edition: How privileged are you?
by Casey Eridio and Samantha Se
Feature Shookt Sosyal // April 1, 2017

Everything has finally come to be. From the days of women fighting for suffrage to now fighting against manspreaders, we are now living in a world of progress, a world that is never politically incorrect. Most especially, we now have a basis for the degree of our problems and opinions—a privilege checklist. According to Buzzfeed,…

Jollibee opening inside De La Salle University
by Danielle Arcon and Denise Nicole Uy
Feature Jollibee Shookt //

Jollibee has long been considered a Filipino icon. Many people have shared fond memories at this staple. Perhaps you celebrated one of your birthdays there once, or you have memories of a parent bringing home an order of 2-piece chicken with spaghetti for merienda; whatever the case, Jollibee has been embedded into Filipino pop culture….

LEAP 2K17: A glimpse of what’s in store
by Eternity Ines and Louise Moro
Feature Shookt //

The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) is just one of the events that students look forward to during University Week. Classes that cater to almost any interest, from yoga to origami to wakeboarding, make the prospect of learning not so gloomy. These classes that seek to bring learning outside the four walls of the classroom…

Separating fiction from fact
by Audrey Giongco and Westin Perez
Feature Shookt //

In the dire era we find ourselves living in, you can hardly trust anyone anymore, and therefore, our awareness of where we get our news must be heightened. The country remains in shambles, splitting itself in half between pro- and anti-government. Our society’s very pillars continue to crumble. It’s not good enough to put our…

Onto a more student-centered DLSU Trade
by Zea Asis and Adrienne Tan
Feature Shookt //

Past the mandatory ID scan and inspection, with just minutes to spare before the first class of the week, you’re greeted by animation in the halls. Some have already laid out their stocks, others still arranging their display; there’s a bazaar this week in campus. By noon students flock to queues marked by the comforting…

Coldplay’s hot secret: A concert in DLSU
by Jaime Papa and Nicole Wong
Feature Shookt What Concert? // March 31, 2017

While most people complained about how expensive Coldplay concert tickets were, Lasallians had the special privilege of the famous band holding a secret concert right in the University grounds, specifically at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. The concert was a more low key, intimate affair, the raucous party atmosphere of the actual concert a distant…

From bato to kamatis: The Derek Ramsay story
by Lance Villarosa and Marielle Lucencio
Feature Kamatis Pare Pulis Ako Shookt //

The nobility that is Derek Ramsay is gospel among those who live to tell his tale. His inspiring story from the movie theaters to the Malacañang teaches the aspiring that the dream of becoming a police is a dream that limits none and welcomes all. From awe inspiring chase scenes to heart pulsing film piracy…

Vending machine victims: Where are they now?
by Belle Justiniani and Josienne Claire Cordova
Feature // April 1, 2016

Last January 26, a complaint made by a Lasallian after a horrible experience with one of the vending machines on campus spread through social media. The post captured the attention of many other students who also voiced out their own unpleasant experiences. The topic was covered in The LaSallian’s February issue not long after. ­Now,…