The new Lasallian dress code
by Audrey Giongco and Eternity Ines
Feature // April 1, 2016

Wake up, open the closet, put on an outfit, change into a new one, repeat. Sounds familiar? You’ve probably been in this vicious cycle for quite some time. Well, the everyday struggle of choosing what to wear has now come to an end. After a series of dress code violations recorded by the Student Discipline…

The advent of Meninism
by Cody Cepeda and Cirilo Cariga
Feature //

From the great woman suffragist parade in 1913, to the iconic ‘We Can Do It’ wartime propaganda poster, to Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ and Emma Watson’s #HeForShe campaign, the fight for women’s liberation has never faltered. Now on its fourth wave, the development of feminism is made even more progressive through the help of technology and media….

Steve Harvey, SPEECOM professor
by Michi Dimaano
Feature //

Last year’s Miss Universe pageant sent the world abuzz with the announcement mishap that played with the emotions of die-hard fans and casual supporters alike. For the unaware, host Steve Harvey first announced Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez) was the winner. After having presented the crown and sash however, Steve went back to the stage to…

How to get away with murder
by Alexis Sobremonte and Zea Asis
Feature //

The long wait is over. Law Education at DLSU (LEAD) has announced the latest course, which they will provide in their curriculum, entitled ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. A respected institution since 2010, LEAD has decided to take their legacy to the next level.   The road to approval It seems that it’s not…

On specialty reservation fees
by Nadine Macalalad and Nicole Wong
Feature //

De La Salle University has implemented a new policy as of A.Y. 2015-2016: the University’s Vice Deans are now accepting “Specialty Reservation Fees” to save class slots for students during enlistment in succeeding terms. This is supposedly to alleviate the problem of classes filling up, and students becoming unable to enroll in courses they need,…

A look at Marvel’s Operation Diversity (featuring Darna, other global heroes)
by Daniel Ian Comandante and Nathaniel Sierras
Feature //

In a move that surprised many industry heavyweights and netizens worldwide, Marvel Studios recently launched Phase 2.5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alternatively known as Operation Diversity, the seemingly “comics-based” move is a chance for the legendary superhero movie studio to flex its global logistics and casting muscle to spread the power of Hollywood diversity…

Redux: The nine lives of DLSU cats
by Adrienne Tan and Celestine Sevilla
Feature //

Last 2013, The Menagerie released a “purrofile” of the cats around campus. However, with a significant growth in population, these peculiar residents settled in and around DLSU, now remaking names for themselves. So if the view from up here’s getting dull, curl up into a six-pound ball of fur to see what Taft is like…

Groupmates to pick
by Isabella Argosino
Feature //

College, as they say, is one of the best times of your life. Some of the most valuable lessons that will stay with you forever are learned during your awkward adult-ing years. Sure, tangents and variables might prove useless in time, but at least you find answers to your e-Xes and wh-Ys. Other relevant skill…