Predictions for the next GE, WWE style
by Roy Eriga
Vignette // April 28, 2014

Unlike his or her running mates, Tapat’s candidate for USG President has not been made publicized before the campaign period.

I-Pop revolution
by Daniel Ian Comandante and Nathaniel Sierras
Vignette //

From the obscure to the most mainstream of acts, Filipinos are getting the hang of jamming to their tunes while watching their favorite artists shake and shimmy onstage.

The LaSallian
by Marinel Mamac
Rant & Rave //

If you’re looking for a negative, biased and partisan newspaper, this is it. You’ve found it.

Conspiracy Theories from DLSU
by Alfonso Dimla and Roy Loyola Jr.
Vignette //

De La Salle University, is full of secrets. No, not the OneRepublic song. Think Hogwarts level of secrecy, with its secret chambers and its three-headed dogs. Now doesn’t this entice you, friend?

SM’s got it all for you
by Michi Dimaano and Arielle Poblete
Fearless Forecast //

The Lasallian lifestyle is going to be in for a Sy of change.

The Moreno Men
by Jose Felipe Montinola and Francesca Militar
Lounge //

Migi Moreno and Robert Hechanova were best known as student leaders so it came as quite as a shock when they announced their plans to form a pop duo.

The Bible
by Jose Felipe Montinola
April 20, 2013

Rating: 4.0    This book is a genre on its own. Though it is religious at its core, the readers need not practice any. It welcomes all readers from any type of background and unites them by the last page. The last page though may take awhile to reach, so we begin with what comes…

Rant & Rave: Passéism
by John Sarao

FAD: Rating? What Rating!?   Passé, according to Wikipedia, is an adjective that describes things which are out of style or old fashioned (because listening to your teachers is so passé, Wikipedia is thus more reliable than a dictionary. Heck, the entire academe is passé). A great example is contemporary world ideals. There have been…