Rant & Rave: Juche 주체
by Kim Ho Jae
April 20, 2013

STRUGGLE: -4.0       He was a movie fanatic owning more than 20,000 films; quite a drinker too, owning 10,000 bottles of fine wine, and he was the single largest customer of Hennessey Cognac. His growing affinity for French poodles, African aphrodisiacs and palate for Donkey meat and lobster, as well as French wine only meant…

The diary of a weight conscious kid
by Roy Loyola Jr. and Shi Ailyn

Apparently, the universe decided to conspire against me today. After failing my calculus exam, I discovered that those awesome pair of boot-cut jeans I bought yesterday at the bazaar didn’t, uh, quite fit me the way I wanted to. Thus, from now on, I solemnly vow to start my “all water, no food” diet. If…

Crash course: Unleashing your inner goddess
by Roy Eriga and Belle Justiniani

Admit it.  We all want things to go our way – we want to look good, be happy and feel great.  We’re all a little vain.  We have ridiculously high standards.  There are days when we get exactly what we want, and we love it when things miraculously fall into place.  Most of all, we…

Lounge: Aviators, Cigarettes and Hot Wings
by Alfonso Dimla

After all the commotion of a busy day, it’s innate in all of us to ask for that brief win experience to kick-start the rest of it. And for the boys of She’s Only Sixteen, an epic day simply means good food, great vibes and each other’s company. She’s Only Sixteen, according to the soundcloud…

Crash Course: Alternate route:Platform 9¾
by Andrea Mendoza and Arielle Poblete

Finally, after 7 years of waiting, my Hogwarts letter has arrived today! I’m so thrilled to be learning magic from – wait, did it say that the train leaves today?! But I have no idea how to get to Platform 9 ¾! “Excuse me, Kuya Guard! Do you know how to get to this platform?”…

A Tree Story
by Stephanie Tan and JR Rebellon

Once again another term is ending and many of our colleagues are busy packing up and started looking for things that they would do this summer, may it be a flight to Bora, or an interview to Unilever. As people go for the break, you cannot help but notice the things that surround you. An…

Vignette: The nine lives of DLSU-PUSA
by Kimberly Ly, Arielle Poblete and Armstrong Villamayor

Ever wondered what the greatest organization in DLSU is? A team of computer whizzes? An orchestra of musicians? Or perhaps a scoop of fearless journalists? You might be surprised that the answer is none of the above! The greatest organization that exists in DLSU is made up of … a litter of cats! This month,…

Green Pulse: Your bell, your way
by Kimberly Ly and Andrea Mendoza

Although great action is taken to right the wrongs of Marcos Regime, some pieces of this former government will continue to breathe in our society today – some are heard just a little louder in certain corners. During the early 80s, then first lady Imelda Marcos was all about beautifying the country and made to…