LeBron finds his playmaker in Thomas Torres
by Brent Guiao
Shookt Sports News // March 31, 2017

Weeks after his public request for help in his team’s quest to repeat, LeBron James may have finally found the piece his Cleveland Cavaliers have been missing all year long. For most, it comes from a place no one would have ever expected. The longtime DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres, who recently just graduated after…

Project SPS: Razon Sports Complex extension
by Renzo Mercado
Shookt Sports News //

In the past few years, La Salle has continued to improve its campus by revamping its different facilities. Some examples include the reconstruction of the men’s comfort room in Miguel Hall, which won second place in the highly prestigious Golden Kubeta Awards hosted by Maynilad last January, and the recent inauguration of the Rufino Campus…

From bato to kamatis: The Derek Ramsay story
by Lance Villarosa and Marielle Lucencio
Feature Kamatis Pare Pulis Ako Shookt //

The nobility that is Derek Ramsay is gospel among those who live to tell his tale. His inspiring story from the movie theaters to the Malacañang teaches the aspiring that the dream of becoming a police is a dream that limits none and welcomes all. From awe inspiring chase scenes to heart pulsing film piracy…

DLSU prescribes uniform for SHS students
by Alex Kaluag and Mikhaela Felix
Shookt Straight News //

In 2016, DLSU welcomed the newest members of the community, the Senior High School (SHS) students. This was done in accordance to the implementation of the K-12 program. As the University welcomes another batch of SHS students, the administration found it fit to mandate a uniform for these students in order to tell them apart…

DLSU USG to implement federal structure
by Eunice de Castro and Josemaria Rustia
Shookt Straight News //

With the approval of the DLSU administration, the University Student Government (USG) has officially announced that it will be implementing a federalist governing structure starting academic year 2017-2018. The move was done in response to calls for greater autonomy for college governments, as well as plans to integrate DLSU Taft, Science and Technology Complex, and…

No more Happy Thursdays, U-Break moved to Mondays
by Rebekah Navaro and Vivean.Pallera
Shookt Straight News //

The University is no longer retaining its current Monday to Thursday schedule for regular classes. The decision comes nine months after the proposal to move the University Break (U Break) from Friday to Monday, which was presented to the Lasallian community in a town hall meeting last June 10, was rejected. The shift was explained…

Mutien Marie Hall to be converted into a dorm
by Bianca Suarez
Shookt Straight News //

Mutien Marie Hall has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings on campus. Its out of sight location gives it a mysterious vibe and the subpar classrooms make it unideal for lectures. To complement the urban myth, Harlequin Theatre Guild (HTG) has held their annual haunted hall in its narrow hallways for…

LS building to be exclusive for SHS students next AY
by Johanna Ellice Tantoco
Shookt Straight News //

The St. La Salle Hall, or what Lasallians commonly refer to as the LS building, is set to exclusively house only Senior High School (SHS) students next academic year. This development has been approved by DLSU President Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC in a meeting attended by members from the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and…