And the master goes to
by Westin Perez and Yanna Zhang
News Feature Shookt // April 1, 2018

The 2018 DLSU Masters Award Ceremony was smooth sailing last February 29. Hardly a hair was out of place throughout the entire procession, and the amount of star power on display in campus was truly noteworthy. With every notable politician and celebrity involved, everyone who was anyone had a place there. However, all the glitter…

Campus licenses free Adobe software for DLSU students and staff
by Aileen Bautista and Johanna Ellice Tantoco
News Feature Shookt //

Driven primarily by the requirements of students with production-related degree programs, De La Salle University recently partnered with Adobe Inc. to allow students, faculty, and staff to access the latest Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Suite on University-owned and personal computers. The licensing agreement between Adobe and De La Salle University will commence next term. Through…

Beds to be offered for students at the 24/7 study hall facility
by Cristina Francia and Danielle Aglubat
News Feature Shookt //

During the previous academic year, the University Student Government (USG) officially launched the 24/7 Study Hall at Gokongwei Lobby, which was made accessible for students and faculty of the University. Numerous services became readily available in the facility after the launch, most notably the Honesty Store. The success of the program paved the way for…

DLSU ASOsasyon to be launched as PUSA counterpart in Laguna campus
by Danielle Aglubat and Roselin Manawis
Shookt Straight News // March 31, 2018

Ever since its accreditation, the Professors for the Upliftment of Society’s Animals (PUSA) has been constantly active in devising awareness campaigns for the welfare of stray cats who are now considered as part of the DLSU community. Its founding members consist of Dr. Elaine Tolentino from the International Studies Department, Dr. Laurene Chua-Garcia and Dr….

CCS students barricade Gokongwei following planned GCOE takeover
by Jan Christian Blaise Cruz
News Feature Shookt //

Following recent announcements regarding the transfer of the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) from Velasco to Gokongwei Hall, students from the College of Computer Studies (CCS) organized a coalition named “Protect Goks Movement” and have started various efforts to barricade the building and prevent the planned move. Protecting their home Addressing the threat of increased…

New parents’ association HEART replaces PUSO
by Isabel Cañaveral, Eliza Santos and Johanna Ellice Tantoco
News Feature Shookt //

Recent news give claim to the allegations regarding a strained relationship between the University administration and the De La Salle University Parents of University Students Organization (PUSO). An email released by University Chancellor Dr. Robert Roleda announced the school’s decision to terminate their relations with PUSO, requesting the organization to vacate their office in Br….

Gokongwei-Andrew underground walkway projected to finish by 2019
by Eliza Santos and Cristina Francia
News Feature Shookt //

An underground walkway from Gokongwei Hall to the Br. Andrew Gonzales Building will soon be under construction, starting April 31, 2018, with a projected date of completion on February 29, 2019. According to Vice Chancellor for Campus Development Josemari Calleja, the project head of the new facility, DLSU is the first university in Manila to…

DLSU set to upgrade Wi-Fi by AY 2018-2019
by Isabel Cañaveral and Maxine Ferrer
News Feature Shookt Sosyal //

The internet connection inside the DLSU campus has always been a source of stress for the Lasallian community. Aside from being slow, it is only confined to a few access points, limiting the number of devices it can cater to. In an interview with The LaSallian, Mr. Allan Borra, Director of the Information Technology Services…