University ITS to hire CCS students
University ITS to hire CCS students
ITS to hire CCS students

The Information and Technology Services (ITS) office has approved the decision to permit students from the College of Computer Studies (CCS) to aid in the management of the My LaSalle (MLS) website for applied course credit. A group of students from CCS has come up with a system that addresses Lasallians’ complaints with the MLS and improves its services such as ePurse usage, the library portal, ticket reservation, and the site’s user interface as well.

The group is composed of Jana Cabuhat (BS-IS, II), Christine Reyes (BS-IS, III),  Mark Tolentino (BS-IS, IV), and Twinsy Adajar (BS-IS, V). The ITS has allotted two months for these students to accomplish the assigned task and will be granted an intern’s allowance equivalent to the compensation of non-academic personnel. The MLS portal usually crashes during enrollment period and during the viewing of grades when traffic is at a peak.


Changes in enrollment

A major change to be anticipated by the students in the coming term is the shuffle of priority enrollment. If the students’ plans are approved, first honor Dean’s Listers will no longer be given priority enrollment with the privilege to be given to students who failed instead. Reyes says that this is to give students a better chance at passing their subjects the next time since they would be able to choose professors whom they prefer.  “It is not always the students’ fault [if] they fail a subject,” she explains.

The group mentions that the concept behind schedninja will also be integrated in the enlistment process. Students will be able to create their desired schedules on MLS and this will be followed come enrollment. Students who failed are guaranteed to get the schedule they want, while those without priority enrollment will have to create back up schedules in case slots get filled up.

After years of planning, servers of the University will finally be upgraded to accommodate the growing student population. This is to ensure that MLS no longer crashes during enrollment and viewing of grades. Negotiations with Google are already being spearheaded by the group in utilizing a cloud-based server in the University.

Another improvement comes during the viewing of grades, where aside from being able to view final grades, students will also be given the opportunity to see the breakdown of grades per subject. This may in turn obliterate the grade consultation schedule because of a more transparent release of grades.

Another change is a revamp of the current MLS user interface. The new MLS interface will be designed after the University’s current website, which ensures user navigation of anything he or she needs in three clicks or less.

A more interactive University calendar where all the University’s activities by the administration, colleges, and organizations are laid out will also appear on the site.