Menagerie Crash course: Unleashing your inner goddess
Menagerie Crash course: Unleashing your inner goddess
Crash course: Unleashing your inner goddess
April 20, 2013
April 20, 2013

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Admit it.  We all want things to go our way – we want to look good, be happy and feel great.  We’re all a little vain.  We have ridiculously high standards.  There are days when we get exactly what we want, and we love it when things miraculously fall into place.  Most of all, we want attention for the awesome, amazing things we do – acknowledgement that our lives are, in fact, impressively interesting.


These feelings represent a characteristic we have but don’t always acknowledge.  Some people may call it vanity or charisma.  We at The Menagerie have another way of looking at it: it’s your inner goddess making its mark on the rest of the world, and – wait for it – on fate itself.


Yes, that’s right: your inner goddess.  We’ve all got one – this sassy, poised, won’t-take-no diva brimming with confidence and power.  This is the voice that makes us value our physique and stability, pushes us to get what we want, and tells us we deserve the best (before you go all “but don’t guys have an inner god in them”, tell me those characteristics don’t describe more women than men).  This is the source of good karmic vibes that, yes, impels the rest of the world to bend to our will.


The inner goddess has existed probably since the dawn of time, born in the first female and passed down through secret genetic code to all women since.  Fortunately, The Menagerie was able to catch this once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into this biological coding to uncover how to unleash the goddess in all her beauty (don’t worry, boys, this can apply to you, too). It’s time to bring your inner diva into the light.


Eat wheat

We’ve known this since we discovered food yet ignored this since we discovered dessert.  Your body is a temple of beauty and vigor, so keep it that way with a balanced diet, regular eating habits and exercise.  After this step, everything else is a piece of cake – that is, a sugar-free, low-fat slice of no-sodium pastry.  Yum.


Milan catwalk? Please

You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but everyone’s got a day when they wake up and just feel utterly fabulous.  So when the time comes, why not?  Don’t be afraid to get a little creative – fear is for lesser beings that aren’t as magnificent as you.  Also, dressing up has been scientifically proven to boost your confidence and let your creative juices flow – really.  It has.


Play mahjong 

We don’t mean math here.  You don’t need to be an engineer or a bio major to have ample brain activity.  Simple things like being observant, keeping up-to-date, chatting with others and thinking fast is mental exercise, too … and superiority in them establishes your mental prowess over the mortals around you.  Keep your head up high – and keep it always full.



Yes, it is not just for those in paid special classes in which you would have to close your eyes and not think about your monthly membership. Go to quiet places and find yourself, cause the real you might be lost somewhere in your subconscious mind.


You are Beyonce

And by Beyonce, we mean perspective, and we mean the way you look at life.  You are Beyonce.  We are all Beyonce.  You are amazing, talented and important.  Don’t feel down when people hurt you – because confidence doesn’t come easy, and there will definitely be some glum days – just tell yourself you have no time for peasants.  Stand on that pedestal, build yourself up, and remember that you are greater than (or at least as good as) everyone around you.



And your fellow goddesses closer.  Being omnipotent can be lonely sometimes.  Good thing all deities come with slaves– that is to say, supporters.  Remember, though, that power attracts power, so don’t be surprised to find your charm rubbing off on those around you – and rejoice, for now you can be goddesses together.


Love me!!

Like every cheesy comment in the front of a blurry picture, you must be able to love everything despite the things happening around you. This is key to unlocking any kind of power within and outside of you for almost every problem can be solved with love. Of course you will love enslaving err.. gaining the mutual respect of your peers.


So, once you conquer the final stages of your conversion to the more enlightened side of the road then finally do what you have always wanted to do. Being in control of yourself means you could start bridging out to other people, influencing them with your ideals and your values. Eventually they form into groups and follow you around because you become so perfect in their eyes. They might even name a building after you. But releasing your inner goddess is not just a 1-2-3 cookbook kind of process.


World domination is not always the key here; self realization means you make your own happy place in a not so happy place that is without the assistance of illegal medication or fancy drinks; because in the end, nothing is better than doing things your way when you know all the secrets.