Menagerie Rant & Rave: Juche 주체
Menagerie Rant & Rave: Juche 주체
Rant & Rave: Juche 주체
April 20, 2013
April 20, 2013

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He was a movie fanatic owning more than 20,000 films; quite a drinker too, owning 10,000 bottles of fine wine, and he was the single largest customer of Hennessey Cognac. His growing affinity for French poodles, African aphrodisiacs and palate for Donkey meat and lobster, as well as French wine only meant one thing: he was a “cultured” guy. His name is Kim, Jong- Il, now deceased, the “Great Leader”, the son of “Eternal President” Kim, Il Sung, hailed by millions of people in North Korea.

But he was blind; no he was rather dead to the people outside of his mansion. Terribly hunger stricken families roamed around the field to see if they can find something to eat. They picked up dried kernels of corn from the barren field and those were provisions for the day. Perverted and suffered by prolonged starvation, a father loses his senses and kills his son and daughter. Later, when his wife returned home, he said blankly “We have food today”. Hearing this, a soldier stood him on firing squad and punished him, dead.

Last December 17, 2011 this North Korean leader Kim, Jong-Il died of a heart attack, and it was historical day as the death of pernicious dictator was a good riddance. But shockingly, people in the North responded contrary to the expectations of the world. Instead of jubilant cries throughout the streets, it was filled with passionate and remarkably sincere wails of North Koreans. They cried for their Great Leader and missed him, the guy who struck them into the pit of agonizing hunger. The irony is haunting, and what has caused them into such irony? I mean, is this the aftermath of incessant brainwashing, the product of Juche ideology?

Juche ideology, which North Korea firmly holds on to, was founded by the first leader in North Korea, Kim, Il-Sung who is currently declared as the “Eternal President” by his son Kim, Jong Il. It was only later then that this was deeply entrenched in the country by Kim, Jong Il. “Juche” is a Korean word for “subject” or “main agent”. So, simply Juche ideology puts great significance on the humans above all else. It refuses the idea of God or something higher than humans and believes that man is the master of everything.

But how did this seemingly harmless ideology happen to cause the death of over 300 million North Koreans from starvation, in the infamous period of The Arduous March during 1990s, not to mention other horrible events?

This human centered ideology was never human centered in the first place as it placed the main agent, humans, existing for the bigger group, the Communist party. At the core of the party lives Kim, Il Sung. So, the whole theory of Kim, Il Sung as the Leader lead to placement of divine characters to him, addressing him as the Heavenly Father and putting sacred value into his existence. The people in North Korea exist for their Father Kim, Il Sung. A huge monument of Kim, Il-Sung, the Mansudae Grand Monument, was erected at his 60th birthday and his children bow down to the monument until today.

And because of this Juche ideology, the exultation of Kim heritage, the sanctity of lives of North Koreans has become nothing, worth less than the squealing and attention seeking pigs. Is there any possible way to fully fathom the bestial attitude and appalling indifference of the dictators in North Korea towards the dying citizens not because of diseases, but of hunger in this 21st century? Definitely, the world in which North Korea lives is different from our world.

The world that that ideology has created is the pure manifestation of human’s depravity and total absence of goodness. It is a world which we would only expect and happen to encounter in fiction, but it sadly exists in real life. It is where death seems to be the safest haven and be as common as anything in our society.

I hope that I am falsely looking into North Korea to the point of exaggeration. Yet the stories of defectors who risked their lives just to breathe freely and inform international community of North Korea’s abject human condition and maltreatment testify to the belief that I am not exaggerating. There are families who eat each other out of hunger, defectors who were caught during the escape experiencing excruciating pain as their fingernails and toenails are plucked out one by one in prison camp, Christians locked in a cell hardly more than a meter in width and length for reading and sharing the Bible, and of course, citizens who are freed from brainwashing, forced to love and worship their glorious god Kim, Il Sung.

Juche ideology is the first thing to be eradicated from the remains of the earth, of course aside from the fat pig enjoying the international attention who knows no decent human communication. It is also the reflection of human centered society, of our dark desire to be revered and worshipped, and of our full potential in malice, in need of mediation. Nevertheless, this ideology must be wiped out.