Menagerie Vignette: The nine lives of DLSU-PUSA
Menagerie Vignette: The nine lives of DLSU-PUSA
Vignette: The nine lives of DLSU-PUSA

Ever wondered what the greatest organization in DLSU is? A team of computer whizzes? An orchestra of musicians? Or perhaps a scoop of fearless journalists? You might be surprised that the answer is none of the above! The greatest organization that exists in DLSU is made up of … a litter of cats! This month, The Menagerie, in partnership with DLSU-PUSA, brings you a complete purrofile of the felines that make up this wacky, sossy, and one of a kind organization. Now put your paws up and say it all together now: Animeow La Salle!


Lloyd Labra(1)1. Mingming Meowreno – President of DLSU-PUSA

Mingming is the grey cat who’s always prowling around SJ Walk. As the beloved leader of the litter, Mingming is in charge of everything in DLSU-PUSA. He manages their Twitter account (@dlsupusa), organizes their late night parties at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall rooftop and collects fish bones for all his minions from the canteens (which has become a big issue recently since the fish bones given by DLSU’s only canteen, the La Casita, is not very fresh).


All the cats respect and look up to him. Girls want him, and guys want to be him. He is wise and doesn’t hide any fish bones for his advantage. But behind this top dog (pun intended) and kind exterior is a lone heart longing for the love of his nine lives.


2. Daniel Pawdilla – The Medyo Bad Cat

“Yes, I confess that it is my rugged good looks, black fur, end strong charisma that get me what I want, but I’m not what you think I am,” Pawdilla says with a smirk even before his interview with The LaSallian.

“The dirty paws on the newly mopped floors? The computers in Henry Sy suddenly turning on in the middle of the night? Your fish bones missing? Thet’s all me, me, me,” he continues, while walking around the room.

Medyo Bad Cat, according to some cats, is always the cause of all DLSU-PUSA’s catastrophes. He never was one with the association, and nor does he plan to be in the future. But this cat has a soft side, the president knows this. “If you remember the thief who stole a student’s Macbook, he was the one who clawed the guy until he screamed, and that’s how the guards saw the thief,” Mingming recalled.


3. Catharina – The “I want to be where the people are!” Cat

This cat clearly wants to be a human, like the song from the Little Mermaid that goes, “I want to be where the people are…” Catharina feels like she belongs to a different race called Homo sapiens. She passes by the students along the Eng walk, and sometimes likes to walk in front of the Miguel Building just to feel the rush of being a student late for class. This cat loves to go to parties like Cryo and IMES Charity ball. She attended the recent Miting de Avance but was unfortunately never noticed. She is best friends with Robin Hood cat and is secretly in love with one of the tambay dogs from EGI, however her shyness and the fact that she is a cat hinders her from pursuing her love.


4. C. J. – The Robin Hood Cat

C. J. stands for compassion and justice, the two virtues that this brave cat fights for. Dressed as the infamous Puss in Boots, he steals trinkets from the rich and gives it to the poor stray cats (and even dogs!). “The end justifies the means!” he exclaims while carrying a sack of trophies he nabbed from the DLSU Animo Squad. As an activist, he is always seen during rallies for justice as he is very much against capitalism. He has an apparent crush on Gossip Cat and is currently best friends with “I wanna be where the people are” cat, Catharina.


5. Bro. Furancis – The Holy Cat

As the religious head of DLSU-PUSA, he is devoted believer of Cat-olicism. He goes to Sunday masses and holds homilies for the cats afterwards. He preaches the Good News to all the cats (and dogs) in the area. He never misses to attend mass at the Pearl of Great Price Chapel, and often fantasizes on eating ostya. He sometimes hacks the DLSU-PUSA twitter account to spread the Word of Salvation to all cat-kind. During Angelus, he stops in silence along with the people.


6. Kristeta – The Gossip Cat

“How I get the information? I know a guy,” Gossip Cat says with a sly look. Gossip cat knows the Lasallian life best compared to the other cats (and even the students!). From course offerings, USG announcements, university breaks and suspensions, to political party secrets, she’s the one to approach. She knows what happened with the SPS building’s elevator, the identity of Holy Cat’s secret son, and why the Noel’s barbecue is so cheap. But there is one thing that leaves Gossip cat fuzzy: why her love won’t love her back.

“It’s just that he’s always so busy working for the association that he doesn’t have time for himself anymore! He doesn’t know he loves me,” she says.


7. Britney aka The Spoiled Cat.                       

This spoiled prima donna was once the beloved pet of a popular cheer captain. Somehow, this cat managed to wind up in DLSU. Her hobbies include shopping, playing the piano, and making tea. Her favorite movie is Pitch Purrfect, and her favorite character is Aubrey because it reminds her of her perfectionist master. She would never settle for leftover canteen foods. Instead, she would prefer take home meals from restaurants like Aristo-cat. Most of the time, the other cats are annoyed with her. But deep inside, she’s quite a gentle cat.


8. Danny Alam – The Know-it-all Cat

Literally, the teacher’s pet… he knows everything! In fact, the cat has a PhD in CATAPRE. He likes to tutor other cats so that they have a proper education and so they wouldn’t be called illiterate. He educates “I want to be where the people are!” cat about the difficult courses like DIFFCAT and INTECAT, along with Gossip Cat (who tutors in human behavior). Because he is the teacher’s pet, he finds it hard to procrastinate, especially in his favorite subject, PURRSEF.


9. Rick Lamo – DLSU’s Grumpy Cat

Rick Lamo hates DLSU’s General Elections because of the noise, bright yellows and oranges that hurt his eyes. He despises the black, dirty, moist Taft air, but the thing that makes all his fur go up is the beeping of the students’ IDs.

Rick always hangs out at the Philosophy department; he hangs out by the windows of philosophy classes and actually takes notes.

“Nietzsche is my favorite philosopher because I get him, you know? I just get him,” he says.

He has always wanted to go with Robin Hood cat on one of his protests, but just the thought of the scorching heat and the fact that he has to walk and get sweaty with other cats makes Rick puke all his furballs.


DLSU-PUSA takes great pride in their organization and constantly patrol the school, they jump from one DLSU building to another, run along and across Taft avenue (despite the increasing number of kitty mashings every year), and parkour in the amphiteater (just imagine how cute that looks like). The organization stands on three principles – Reigio, Mores, Canned Tuna. Mingming and his associates guarantee that their organization will continue to uphold the Animeow Spirit.

“The trend we’re into now is sliding and jumping from the fingerprints of the Henry Sy building. We feel like Jackie Chan,” says Robin Hood cat.

Their hobbies may seem perilous, but they can care less about being safe.  “You’re not truly living if you don’t use up your nine lives,” says DLSU-PUSA president, Mingming Meowreno.