Menagerie An ID-entity crisis
Menagerie An ID-entity crisis
An ID-entity crisis
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

It looks like students will have to start wearing their IDs soon, because lanyards and ID laces are back in season! Well, in De La Salle University anyway. Worried that the new ID Policy takes away from the OOTDs you’ve spent so long to put together? Scared that that icky, tacky lanyard’s going to ruin that selfie you were going to post on Instagram? Fear no longer, as below are a series of invaluable tips on how to wear your ID lace like a boss.

CYY_3711 [Spoof]

Bringing bandanas back

Don’t cross this method out just yet: Bandanas could literally be a neat way to keep those pesky bangs out of your face while reviewing at the Henry Sy building; or something to keep your stay in the University interesting, at the very least, by trying to go for that gangster look. Stick your ID on it and you will never hear anyone, especially those annoying guards along Agno gate, asking where your ID is when it’s dangling right in front of your face.


Loomband frenzy

Remember the hype? Now is the chance to bring it back with your very own ID! Gone are the days of the boring old wrists, necks, and ring fingers. Constructing your own lanyard using the famous loomband kit is a stroke of genius! Not only would you have fun with the very process itself, but a sense of productivity might even have you yearning to reach new levels of creativity. Challenge yourself by going for interesting combinations such as pink and purple, or maybe even a monochromatic duo such as black and white. Feeling the Animo spirit? Loom the green and white together! With such a wide spectrum of colors, you’re sure to never have run out of pairings and styles.


Buckle up

Hey, there’s an idea! Do you want a look that comes with some utility? Why not wrap it around your waist? Now, you can follow school regulations while helping keep your overly baggy pants on. This one could be efficient for days when you simply want to loosen up (pun intended), wondering if you would have to pull it out from either your bag or wallet for scanning. Again. Pro tip: Make sure to fasten it well! Otherwise, you would have no choice but to face the consequences of dealing with an embarrassing turn of events.



Feeling lucky? Go an extra mile by actually securing your ID lace by your ankles. It’s another statement that is quite unique, and just about anyone could pull off. Just be careful because it could literally be pulled off if other people step on your ID. There’s also the chance you could pull it off by accident if you step on it yourself. Not to mention there’s the ever present danger of accidentally tripping yourself. Or having the ID caught in doors. Or having it fall in drains. Actually, with how accident prone this ID lace fashion style might be you’re showing everyone just how fearless you are.


Be professional

If you’re feeling too old for those other styles, why not try something that looks more official. Here’s a look for the times when you feel you should already be a graduate (most commonly felt when most of your batch mates have already graduated and left you behind). Pin your ID to your shirt to look like a real working citizen. Old-fashioned professors are sure to be impressed, and several students just might start calling you ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’! Taking it up a notch, you could even start using a suitcase to make it look like you’re being paid to go to class. This way, the guards might not even check what you’re bringing anymore because you’d look so much more important than the regular students with their crazy fashion ideas.


Twisting the traditional

If the aforementioned suggestions neither fit your criteria nor your
style, and you think just wearing an ID lace makes you seem boring or uncreative, how about hanging that ID around your neck with a twist? Swap that lace for a golden chain and some more bling. If what you’re aiming for is really to turn heads, go ahead and grab the nearest gems and stick them onto your ID lace. You get to trade that traditional look in for something more exciting without having your ID somewhere you might not be comfortable with.

Complaining about the ID Policy stripping you of your creative freedom in fashion? We’ve just
presented the many different ways you can carry your ID around with both style and functionality. It’s
time to go ahead and strut your stuff! Although a word of warning: these fashion styles may or may not be compliant with student dress code policy, so it might be safer to watch out for any roaming DOs.