Menagerie LEAP 2016: What’s in store for you
Menagerie LEAP 2016: What’s in store for you
LEAP 2016: What’s in store for you
April 24, 2015
April 24, 2015

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The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) is arguably one of the most anticipated events for the students of DLSU. To some, it serves not only as a formality that ought to be observed during the school’s University Week, but also as a means to stretch their collegiate joints from the stress brought upon by academic practices confined within the four walls of the classroom. After the success of this year’s LEAP held last February 10, various high-ranking officers from different organizations ranging from those in the CSO to those in the USG are already looking forward to next year’s rendition of the annual event, albeit with bolder and more risqué choices. Here are just a few of the most – shall we say – creative classes being planned for LEAP 2016.


Rapping classes

This one is for those who wish to show off their latest Kendrick Lamar-like imitations to fellow rapper-aspirants. De La Salle Innersoul Artistic and Musical Director,
John Bradley Fenomeno, shares that he envisions the pop vocal group branching into other areas of the musical landscape. One of the new steps he plans on taking is a shift from their common doo-wop style to a daring foray into rap. The said class is purportedly going to feature Loonie, a rapper of FlipTop fame, as the main speaker and instructor, teaching all forms of rap from freestyle to hype manning. The inspiration for the idea came to Fenomeno after chancing upon a civilian donning a pair of Adidas Run DMC sneakers whilst strolling around Bonifacio High Street. “I realized I was putting myself at a disadvantage if I didn’t acknowledge the immense influence of this art form in going about my job,” he says.


Social Media 101

Can’t seem to figure out how you’re really feeling today when you make that perfect Facebook post? Take a moment and reflect! Want a new kind of filter for your IG photos? Try using everyday materials to cover your phone’s camera lens! Can’t fit all your thoughts into 140 characters but need to tweet this very moment? Throw good grammar out the window! These and other highly useful tips are what you’ll be learning in Social Media 101, your go-to for all your online needs! One hour of learning how to take the best shot, how to filter it perfectly, and how to come up with the best caption! Another hour of finding the best song lyrics, quotes, and expressions to accompany your tweets! And finally, an hour of learning
about the countless things you can post and share on Facebook. Last of all is answering the toughest question there is: what else can I post?

Be an Agno Vendor for a day

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own and run an Agno stall? Us neither! Still, it’s time to show the Ates and Kuyas of Agno just how
much you appreciate their job of providing you with stomach-filling meals and thirst-quenching drinks within the span of your 15-minute break, by – you guessed it – trying out their jobs for a day! Learn about the behind-the-scenes (or behind-the-counter) of taking orders, preparing meals, and having your fellow Lasallians as customers! As a bonus, you’ll learn how to make your own bacsilog, rosemary
chicken, fried sharksfin, and much more!  While you’re at it, you might even find the secret ingredient that makes Agno the most sought-after lunchtime area-to-be!


Loosening the tongue

According to the Accent Prestige Theory, a person’s accent is a determinant of one’s intelligence, leading to the diversity of such becoming a factor in class discrimination. Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Sikolohiya (SMS) President Harvey Yulo aims to use this theory as a launch pad for a possible collaboration with the European Studies Association (ESA) for a future LEAP class. For Yulo, the idea of the class will revolve around properly pronouncing foreign words in the same way its native speakers do. He explains that the concept came to him as early as last July after he was jeered at by German nationals while watching the FIFA World Cup Final in a sports bar after pronouncing Mario Götze’s name incorrectly.


Trying  to Be Cool

Another class that is being pegged for next year’s LEAP is a selfie tutorial class. For incumbent Team Communication Vice President for Operations Kimi Barra, selfie-taking is an art form, akin to painting Van Gogh-esque self-portraits in the 19th century. The way Barra sees it, selfie-taking ought to be held in high regard, right alongside the art of playing the violin or the piano. “I think most people often take for granted the fruits of technology; I guess that’s why they don’t really take selfies seriously. I already raised the idea to my fellow org officers and they all seem to agree that holding the class for next year’s LEAP seems like a good idea,” she explains.


Back to black (and white)

Tired of watching the usual movies (that you can just stream
or torrent anyway) for your LEAP class? Why not try something different? Go back in time and join a screening of some old but definitely not forgotten movies (okay, maybe a little bit forgotten, but that’s why we’re bringing them back)! Look back on films,
see how much life has changed, and, if you manage to look past the blur and the old-fashioned accents, the movie-lover in you might even learn a thing or two about the history of film! Just a few movies on the list include To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca, and Sunset Boulevard.


Welcome to Divisoria!

We’re sure many Lasallians have been to Divisoria, and we’re sure an equal number want to, yet are totally clueless about where to go, how to get there, and how to find the good buys. Lasallians, never fear! This LEAP class dares to push the boundaries of the ordinary field trip and invites you to tag along to 168, Lucky Chinatown, and 999. Bring your wallet and a big shopping bag, and you’re all set! You’ll learn how to haggle with store clerks for the best price, find the best buys and eats, and perhaps most importantly, how to keep yourselves safe from snatchers and thieves. Take your entire barkada and enjoy a three hours shopping spree!

Whether you’re into a more modern style of music or an old-school touch on films, whether you value the powerful rise of social media or want to save face in front of your foreign friends, or whether you dare to go as far as Divisoria or choose to stick around Taft and enjoy the smell of a good old Agno meal, next year’s list of LEAP classes have a multitude of inspiring and creative activities for you to try. In fact, choosing just one might be a very tough decision. Never fear, though, Lasallians, because you know that no matter what you choose, you’re sure to not only learn something, but to have a lot of fun along the way!