University Admin approves additional guidelines on ID policy
University Admin approves additional guidelines on ID policy
Admin approves additional guidelines on ID policy
April 25, 2015
April 25, 2015

In light of the recent announcement of the mandatory wearing of the ID inside University premises, the President’s Council released additional guidelines regarding the new policy, detailing stricter regulations “aimed at improving safety and security within the campus.”

A previous announcement released on January 31 declared it mandatory that all members of the Lasallian community—students, faculty, administrators, and other staff—have their ID scanned upon entry to the University and wear it at all times inside the campus.


On April 1, more stringent follow-up guidelines were stipulated in another helpdesk announcement released via e-mail to the entire community. The statement came after a thorough deliberation of the President’s Council in closed committee sessions beginning last February 30, a month after the decision of the mandatory ID policy was finalized by the same council.

DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Dennis Magbanua FSC affirms that all provisions under the new ID policy from the two announcements will be put in effect starting the first day of classes for the special term on May 6.


Stricter guidelines, stricter implementation

According to the latest announcement, members of the community will be given color-coded ID lanyards. The colors are meant to facilitate easy identification of and distinction between students, faculty, administrators, and other personnel. Students, regardless of the college they belong to, will be required to wear green lanyards to be distributed during the claiming of the Enrollment Assessment Form. Meanwhile, faculty members and administrators are required to wear white and gold laces, respectively, while other personnel are given black lanyards. The lanyards will be provided free of charge by the University, clarifies the memo.

Another guideline requires the ID to show the bearer’s name and picture at all times. “The identification card must always be face up, clearly showing the photo and name of the holder,” the announcement declares. Furthermore, the policy states that the ID photo must “not be obstructed from view.” The memo further specifies that paraphernalia like stickers must not be placed over the bearer’s photo or used to tamper with the card in any form or manner.

In line with the new policy, consultations with the Student Handbook Revisions Committee are currently underway to update the Student Handbook provisions on the mandatory wearing of ID.

According to Student Discipline Formation Office (SDFO) Director Christy Santiago, violations of the new ID policy such as wearing the wrong color of lanyard and tampering with the card will be equivalent to a minor offense. “We will make sure to implement these guidelines strictly,” Santiago expresses. She elaborates that the SDFO will have discipline officers roaming around the University grounds to check if the students are indeed following the new directive.



University Safety Office (USO) Director Dr. Jocelyn Dayanan explains that the updated policies are part of DLSU’s preparations for the ASEAN integration. According to Dr. Dayanan, because of the integration, the University administration is expecting an increase in students and faculty members on campus from partner ASEAN universities.

“The University is implementing these guidelines to heighten security within the premises of the campus,” Dr. Dayanan reasons. “This is to make sure that at the height of the ASEAN integration, the safety and security of our community will not be compromised but rather magnified,” she adds.

Dr. Dayanan also shares that the USO has already finalized plans to install more ID scanners on campus, particularly in classrooms and laboratories for attendance checking purposes. Similar to the scanners found in the different gates around the campus, the new additions will be utilized in checking the attendance for classes. Students will be required to scan their IDs upon entry to classrooms and laboratories to record attendance based on the time the first scan is made.

However, Dr. Dayanan clarifies that students who would leave the room need to rescan their IDs both for exit and entry, “to make sure students come back to class.” Once the class period ends, professors will be sent a record of all entries and exits in the class, which will serve as the attendance of the students for that period.

As of press time, Dr. Dayanan confirms that the University has already procured the necessary equipment to implement the new scheme, with the system
expected to be in full swing by the start of academic year 2015-2016.


No consultation with students

The University Student Government (USG) has since released a statement expressing the “administration’s complete disregard for the rights of the student body” when the new ID policy was communicated to the Lasallian community on April 1.

USG President Carlo Inocencio argues that there were no efforts made by the administration to consult with the student body in deliberating, and ultimately finalizing, the new ID policy. He points out that the administration has yet to issue an official reply to the USG’s appeal for reconsideration regarding the earlier version of the ID policy.

“We believe that the administration’s latest decision is against the students’ rights especially because they haven’t even addressed our first concern,” contends Inocencio.

According to Inocencio, the USG is already currently working on another appeal for reconsideration with regard to the new ID policy.