University Power Mac, DLSU in the process of finalizing computer upgrades deal
University Power Mac, DLSU in the process of finalizing computer upgrades deal
Power Mac, DLSU in the process of finalizing computer upgrades deal
April 25, 2015
April 25, 2015

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Just last year, a Power Mac Center was opened near the Central Plaza at DLSU. Apple devices and accessories have been sold at the branch at considerably cheaper prices to members of the University, making such technologies more accessible to the Lasallian community.

In line with DLSU’s vision of becoming a world class university, the administration has accepted a recent proposal from the Power Mac Center to sponsor the upgrade of all computers around campus that are used freely by students, teachers, and other personnel. Once approved and agreed upon by all parties concerned, the upgrades are expected to be fully installed by first term of the academic year 2015-2016, just in time for the start of classes.


Out with the old, in with the new

According to Paolo Santos, a Power Mac Center representative, the project will involve replacing all current computer units in classrooms, offices, and buildings with iMac desktop computers. The replacement process will be done gradually, beginning with the classrooms.

Each unit will be 27 inches with the following specs: 3.2GHz, quadcore Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz, 8GB memory capacity 1TB hard drive memory, and 1GB video memory. Units will each come with complete Word Office, iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Reader, iTunes, and Adobe Photoshop programs fully updated to the latest version available.

“Most of the current units at DLSU are defective. Many of them have viruses and malfunction upon startup. Many require constant maintenance. This is probably due to overheating and misuse, or by mere age,” Santos explains. “The iMac computers we offer will be more stable and will last longer.”

Regarding the old computer units, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Ronaldo Gallardo explains, “The replaced computers and other devices will either be resold or donated to other schools so they will not go to waste.” He further asserts that constantly upgrading facilities is an integral
part of becoming a top notch university in the Philippines and in the
Asia-Pacific region.

“Everyone in the school works hard in the name of education. For
this to be effective, up-to-date and efficient facilities are necessary. This step we are taking—we feel that it is necessary to improve the quality of work and learning within the University, and we are grateful for this generous sponsorship,” Gallardo describes.


Students react

Students have expressed mixed reactions regarding the announcement on this matter. In a survey of 198 students as conducted by The LaSallian, 35 percent of the respondents convey support for the Power Mac Center sponsorship of the replacement of campus computers.

Josef Singson (III, CS-CSE) shares that the sponsorship would be a huge benefit for the University. He points out that the computers currently used by students are “already old and malfunctioning in most cases.” Having new iMac computers, Singson posits, would solve some of the problems encountered by students on a daily basis, such as the difficulty in transferring and downloading files due to low memory space and flash drives acquiring a myriad of computer viruses, among others.

However, 46 percent of the respondents express their disapproval of the idea to replace the campus computers with iMac units. Majority of them, including Diane Co (II, CAM-MGT), express that they would definitely want to have the computers replaced; however, they are against the sponsorship as the means to do so. “Mac is quite exclusive,” Co reasons. “Sometimes, you would have to convert some files first before they become readable and this [becomes] a hassle.”

In addition to this “exclusivity,” Marco Dela Cruz (III, ECO-MFI) adds that Mac units are formatted differently from Windows and it would cause a lot of difficulty to non-Mac users to use them.

Meanwhile, the remaining 19 percent of respondents said that it did not matter whether the new computers would be Mac or not. These students believe that what is truly important is that the old and malfunctioning computers would be replaced by new and more functional ones.


Decisions are final

Despite a huge fraction of students proving to be against the Mac computer replacements, Gallardo affirms that the Campus Services Office will push through with the Mac computers. “I am sure that the [non-Mac user] students and staff will be able to adjust to Mac. After all, we don’t really have primitive knowledge regarding technology,” he shares, “and Mac is better than nothing. It is really a rare opportunity to gain such sponsorship from a prestige brand.”

On behalf of the University administration, Gallardo expresses his gratitude towards Power Mac Center for having them sponsor good quality computers for the benefit of the entire Lasallian community.