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April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016

Let me share a story I came across on Facebook a while back, which, for me, made a very important point in today’s society.

A boy bought an iPad. When his mother saw it, she asked him what the first thing he did with it was. The boy answered that he bought and placed a screen protector right after buying the iPad to prevent scratches. He also bought a case to cover the back. The mother then asked if anyone had forced her son to do it, to which the boy answered no.

“Don’t you think it’s an insult to the manufacturer?” asked the mother.

“No, mom! In fact, they even recommended using a cover for the iPad, with so many designs available beginning at only P2,290! Well, it would be cheaper if I went to Greenhills or Divisoria,” replied the son.

“Did you cover it because it was cheap and ugly?” the mother prodded.

The son, again, said no. “I covered it because it is precious to me, and that I don’t want it to get damaged because this will decrease its value.”

The mother went on, “When you put the cover on, did it reduce the iPad’s beauty?”

“I think it looks better,” said the son, a little bewildered at all the questions about his new iPad, but answering patiently nonetheless. “It is worth it for the protection it gives my iPad.”

The mother then paused, looking at her son lovingly. “Yet if I asked you to cover your body, which is much more precious than the iPad, would you have readily agreed?”

The boy was stunned into silence because he had never compared himself to an iPad before, but society, apparently, does. From then on he stopped wearing short shorts when attending classes at his prestigious private university, and started telling others to take care of themselves the way they value their expensive Apple products.

The story could not be more relevant today. I know a lot of people who were horrified to see Adam Levine’s photograph on People Magazine, which hailed him as their Sexiest Man Alive in 2013. He had posed stark naked, with only a woman’s hands covering his penis. I truly hope he realizes how important setting goals is for young men, teaching them they have so much more to offer than just their bodies.

I would have thought such a basic principle — caring for ourselves the way we do our iPads — would be understood by all. Disturbingly, a slew of other celebrities have followed suit and posted photographs of themselves in the nude or very nearly so. Justin Bieber, Channing Tatum, and Nick Jonas are just a few entries in this alarmingly long list of names, which continues to grow as we mire ourselves in so much social media.

These young men have lost all sense of self-respect. How do they expect to find girlfriends and wives if they display their entire bodies to the public? Don’t they understand that they lose their virtue this way? It worries me so much that this generation of males is growing up to have no morals whatsoever. How can they expect women to respect them if they can’t even respect themselves enough to cover up? They say they don’t want to be objectified, but appear in public and on advertisements and magazines shirtless or worse.

Men leave so little to the imagination these days, and I’m shocked that some of these celebrities have girlfriends that allow them to post stuff like this. These young men have become so desperate for attention it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

But you know what else is funny?

That actual people do talk about women this way.

That society puts so much pressure on women to look beautiful then mocks them for trying. That if a woman is sexually abused it is her fault — she’s always asking for it; it was her skirt or her hair or her makeup at fault, never the perpetrator’s. That I have never met a girl who was never been catcalled (even those who do treat their bodies like iPads and cover up). That street harassment is supposed to be a form of compliment. That doctrines tell us that women are subordinate to men, while at the same time, teaching us that we must love one another. That anything a man says once I have to say thrice in order to be heard. That we are expected to be well adjusted to such a sick society.

It’s so funny I can barely type from laughing. Happy April 1st.