Sports Students vs faculty: From classrooms to courts
Sports Students vs faculty: From classrooms to courts
Students vs faculty: From classrooms to courts
April 1, 2016
April 1, 2016

With the theme “Fostering Camaraderie and Athleticism through Sports”, the University Student Government (USG), in partnership with the Faculty Association (FA) and the Office of Sports Development (OSD), will hold the very first student versus faculty tournament games that will be dubbed as the “Battle Royale: Students vs Profs”.

The competition will be a term-long celebration that will highlight the athletic skills of students and faculty alike, with the games set to be held at the Enrique M. Razon Sports Center. It was designed to strengthen the sense of companionship between the student body and faculty. As USG President Pram Menghrajani expressed, “We want to build solidarity between the students and professors not only in terms of academics and classroom sessions, but also in extra-curricular activities just like this competition.”

Moreover, the competition adds to the holistic formation of the whole Lasallian community by highlighting athletic skills and sportsmanship. As OSD Director Mr. Emmanuel Calanog explained, “We believe that the whole Lasallian community must not only excel academically but also athletically.”


Tournament proceedings

The OSD has already prepared a draft of the outline for the tournament proceedings. “There will be eight teams per college—so four student teams and four faculty teams. Then, they will participate in an elimination round before the winners advance to their respective knockout stages. Whoever wins in their bracket gets to represent their college and compete against the representatives of the [other colleges],” Calanog explained.

According to him, the teams will play different kinds of sports, depending on what they drew beforehand. This way, all the teams will get the chance to play various sports that range from team sports like basketball and volleyball to individual sports like swimming and fencing.

“The tournament will probably span for an entire term because of the elimination round within the colleges and the one after that with all the other colleges,” Calanog said.

Students vs Profs - Lance Go and Joyce Tseng []

Benefits for the tributes

Besides getting a chance to have an exciting experience, incentives and prizes await the brave participants in joining the competition. After all, what’s a competition without incentives and prizes at stake?

For the students who volunteer to participate in the tournament, they will be automatically exempted from all their PE courses. Meanwhile, the members of the faculty teams will either be given an additional amount of paid leaves or have the activity credited as community service. All participants will also get free shirts and gear from athletic sponsor Nike.

At the end of the tournament, the winning team will be given a cash prize of P20,000, while the first and second runner-ups will receive consolation prizes of P10,000 each. Furthermore, Family Mart gift certificates will also be given out to all the members of the top teams.

Calanog believes that these incentives will give the members of the community the motivation to go through the competition. “We hope it will make the tournament more thrilling for the students and the faculty,” he said.


Of students and professors

To know the stand of the Lasallian community, The LaSallian roamed around the campus and asked students and professors for their opinions on the upcoming student-professor competition. Anderson Vergara (II, BS CHE) commented that the games will be a great break from the seriousness of the classroom. Aldrin San Jose (III, ISE-ADV) shared that the games will be a perfect avenue to strengthen the bond with the faculty.

Dr. Arvin Balagtas explained that the games will be their chance to show the students that they do not only excel in the classroom but also in the courts. Meanwhile, Professor Rommel Medina mentioned that it will be a tough game with students, but they can do it. “Mahihirapan kami makipaglaro sa kanila dahil mga bata pa sila, hindi pa sila pagod pero kakayanin namin,” Medina said.

Registration for the tournament will start on Monday, April 4, from 8 am to 6 pm at the 7th floor of the Razon Sports Center. The opening ceremonies will tentatively be held at the start of the third term, May 23.