University DLSU prescribes uniform for SHS students
University DLSU prescribes uniform for SHS students
DLSU prescribes uniform for SHS students
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

In 2016, DLSU welcomed the newest members of the community, the Senior High School (SHS) students. This was done in accordance to the implementation of the K-12 program. As the University welcomes another batch of SHS students, the administration found it fit to mandate a uniform for these students in order to tell them apart from the college students.

“We decided it would be best if the Senior High Students were to wear uniforms; it would be easier for members of the faculty to tell them apart from the college students and it would be easier for security personnel and the Discipline officers. Students and parents were completely against it. However, the administration took into consideration their concerns. Upon review, the administration thought it would be best to have Harry Potter-inspired uniforms,” explains SHS Associate Principal for Student Affairs Maria Patricio.

“We saw how kids react to Ms. Sangil’s famous Harry Potter class. We hope that these Harry Potter-inspired uniforms will be accepted by the students and beneficial for the members of the Lasallian community,” Patricio adds.

Uniform SHS

The uniform
Patricio mentions that the SHS administrators wanted the students to be sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. A white dress shirt with two horizontal lines on the cuffs and a necktie will go under a black cotton vest that has the DLSU logo on its left side. Lastly, black slacks and leather shoes will complete the look.

Similarly, the girls’ uniform portrays the same sophisticated look with a knee length skirt on top of black stockings, a black sweater with the DLSU logo on its left breast, and two horizontal lines on the cuffs and along the hem will go on top of a white blouse partnered with a necktie. Black leather shoes will tie down the complete look of the girls’ uniform.

According to the administration, details such as the color of necktie and the cuffs will completely be based on the strand that the student is taking: Slytherin green for those under the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) Strand because they are ambitious and charismatic, traits that are necessary in their field. Ravenclaw blue for those under the

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Strand because they are creative and witty, traits of the humanities. Lastly, Gryffindor red for those under the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand because they are passionate and brave enough to take on such hard subjects.

This proposed uniform had been approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academics and will be implemented the next academic year. If the uniform receives positive outcomes, the University will not hesitate to implement a similar uniform to its college students.


Students’ insights
In an assembly held by the SHS Student Council (SC), the design of the uniforms was presented to the entire roster of senior high students. SC President Paulo Carlo Alibin said during the assembly that he personally liked the idea of having uniforms for his batch. “I personally think that having uniforms for us senior high students will be a one-of-a-kind experience,” he adds.

Rain Pioquinto (I, STEM) expressed her fondness for the uniform but was concerned about the heat situation in Metro Manila. She explained, “The uniforms look great, but one concern would be the sweater. Inside the classrooms, the sweaters would be great, but when it’s time to go out, that’s what I’m worried about.”

“Meanwhile, the boys seem pleased with the whole ensemble, I think it looks great. Classy and appropriate. I think it’ll promote unity and simplicity among students,” comments Kristjan Bayle
(II, ABM).

News regarding the implementation of the uniform for SHS students had reached the different college students and there were a lot of mixed reactions.

Aldrich Trance (III, AB-HIM) shares that he is not against the idea but requiring the students to wear the uniforms prohibits them from further expressing themselves. Aubrey Tullao (II, BS-AEC) approves of the implementation of the uniform. According to her, it prevents students from breaking the dress code.


New dress code provisions
The design for the uniform was submitted to the discipline office before it was approved. The office made their alterations to the design in order to abide by the dress code that was stated on the University Student Handbook.

Discipline Office Head Christopher Espinueva discloses that the office had to make several alterations. “We had to tweak a few things so that it will abide by the dress code written on the handbook,” Espinueva says. “We had to give the exact measurements of the skirt so as to prevent it from being inappropriate.”

According to Espinueva, incomplete uniform, such as failure to wear the necktie or the vest, will be a minor offense. On the other hand, refusal to wear the school vest and shortening the skirt will be a major offense.

As of press time, there are over 700 SHS students in DLSU. The number is expected to increase as the lean years continue to loom over the University.