Sports It’s Ricci Time! Now available on IOS and Android
Sports It’s Ricci Time! Now available on IOS and Android
It’s Ricci Time! Now available on IOS and Android
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

Lasallians have long been known to be the most prominent entrepreneurs in the country, with some students not even waiting to claim their diplomas before venturing into the world of business. The same can be said of rookie shooting guard Ricci Rivero of the Green Archers, who now has entered the mobile app industry with his very own application called It’s Ricci Time!

Super excited ako since halos lahat ng gusto ko mangyari sa isang app, pwede dito [sa It’s Ricci time]! So sana madownload siya ng hindi lang Lasallians pero other people rin cause I know there are a lot of people like me,” says Rivero about his app. (I’m really excited because everything I want to happen in one app can happen here. I hope even non-Lasallians download it because I know there are a lot of people like me.)


RICCI TIME - edited by joyce


It’s Ricci Time!

It’s Ricci Time! is a mobile application that combines a camera, a photo editor, and a fitness instructor, all in one app . “This app actually revolves around my lifestyle. If you check my IG [Instagram], you can see that I maintain a very updated feed wherein I showcase my daily routine,” Rivero adds.

The app’s photo editor houses multiple filters that enhance the user’s pictures. “Super important na maayos yung selfies niyo when you post in social media, that’s why sinabi ko talaga sa developer na i-include ‘to,” he says. (It’s very important that you take good selfies when you post in social media, that’s why I told the developers to include this function.)

One of the more famous filters in the photo editor is Rivero’s signature selfie pose wherein his lips look pouted and his eyes appear very striking. “It was really hard to put the concept together. We had to use thousands of lines of codes to make it work. Pero in the end it was worth it. It’s Ricci Time! is worth it,” says Jelvin Lim (IV, CS), the lead developer for the project. The said filter is priced at $ 0.99, but Rivero mentions that it will definitely be worth the payment, saying, “That pose gets me thousands of likes every time. So worth it talaga yan if gusto niyo ma-improve online presence niyo.” (It’s worth it if you want to improve your online presence.)

Last but not the least, the app features a fitness instructor. Included here are video tutorials, images of proper stance and positions of different exercises, and a tracker to track the progress of the user. After a workout, the app tracks one’s progress and does the necessary computations. Afterwards, the camera app automatically pops out so you can take your post-workout selfie.

Filters of the day are available, as well as daily tips, much like in iOS’ “Tips” app. This one, however, gives out selfie or posing ideas. “Much of the app’s details can’t be mentioned in this interview since there’s really a lot that you can do here. It’s really better to just download and try it for yourself,” says Lim.


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Other business ventures

As mentioned earlier, the app features a fitness instructor. The sole reason for this is because Ricci and his brothers Prince and Rasheed actually own a gym named Athletes’ Den located in San Juan Arena. Athletes’ Den is a full-sized gym that showcases several features which include Strength Training, CrossFit, Body Transformation, Plyometrics, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and other sports-specific training.  

Rivero hopes that his businesses become integrated, and is actually offering a promo for his app. He mentions that members of their gym will be given a code so that they can have full-access to his app. “Gusto ko talaga mag-stick to fitness and online presence talaga so meron na kaming gym, ngayon naman itong app,” Rivero mentions. (I want to stick to fitness and online presence. So we have a gym, now we have this app.)



Rivero is not new to the limelight. With over 78,000 and 94,800 followers in Instagram and Twitter, respectively, he is one of the most recognizable collegiate athletes in the country. With that social media reach, it’s important for him to maintain an updated online presence.

Yun nga, what I said kanina, this app tells my lifestyle talaga. I workout, I take selfies, and then I post online. Super hassle na iba-iba pang apps yung gamit for that. So I thought about making an app for myself. Hindi siya ganun kadali, so I had to hire a developer pa, buti nalang madaming magaling sa College of Computer Studies,” says Rivero.

(Like what I mentioned a while ago, this app tells my lifestyle. I workout, I take selfies, and I post online. It’s hassle if I have to cycle through different apps for that, so I made one for myself. It’s not easy, so I had to hire a developer. It’s a good thing there are a lot of talented students in the College of Computer Studies.)

“Right now we have 10,000 downloads. Grabe, this is the first time my app reached that high. Hopefully, we’ll get to sustain the app ‘cause super bright ng future nito,” developer Jelvin Lim concludes.