Sports La Salle athletes to take part in exhibition basketball, volleyball games
Sports La Salle athletes to take part in exhibition basketball, volleyball games
La Salle athletes to take part in exhibition basketball, volleyball games
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

Through the years, ‘One La Salle!’ has been the ultimate battle cry and the truest symbol of unity for Lasallians. De La Salle University is the home of bright student athletes who aspire to live up to the one heart, one mind, one voice, and One La Salle mantra. In line with this, the Taft-based athletes from various DLSU sports teams will participate in a much awaited one-of-a-kind matchup.  

Through the convergence of basketball and volleyball, Lasallian athletes will be able to showcase their skill and talent in a unique setting. After much coordination, the organizers of the event have been able to gather a total of 30 players. The matchup will consist of two teams, namely Team Animo and Team Rektikano. To kick off the day’s festivities, both teams will figure in a best two-out-of-three-set volleyball match, followed by the much-anticipated basketball game.

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Participating players

Green Archers Jeron Teng and Ben Mbala expressed their excitement in trying their hand at volleyball. With Fajardo as the setter of the Lady Spikers and her ability to set up teammates for scoring opportunities in the UAAP, there has been much clamor from people to witness the veteran throw an alley-oop to Mbala for a dunk. “Let’s see how things will work out first, and we’ll see from there. I’m not gonna lie, that sounds pretty good,” commented Mbala upon hearing the idea.

On the other hand, Fajardo openly received the idea, saying, “Tingnan natin kung kaya. Mag-aadjust muna ako sa basketball environment.” (Let’s see if we can do it. I still have to adjust to the basketball environment.)

There were also questions raised as to who will be the lead point guard for Team Animo. The team has multiple playmakers from the various UAAP sports. They not only have Fajardo, but also central midfielder Jed Diamante of the football team, and starting Lady Archer point guard Camille Claro.

On the opposing end, Tin Tiamzon expressed her excitement over getting a chance to play basketball, a sport she once played while growing up. “Who knows, what if I get to impress, and maybe I could get a shot at playing with the Lady Archers in the future?”

Teammate Jeron Teng expressed his excitement over teaming up with Snow Peñaranda. “Snow had another impressive run in the UAAP and she will be able to help the team out with her play in the post,” said the outgoing Green Archer.


Coaches and officials

Team Rektikano will be mentored by DLSU Football head coach Hans Smit. He will be rivaled by Lady Spikers head coach Ramil De Jesus on the other end. “We’re here to have fun, but at the same time, we wanna win and give the audience a show,” says Smit on being invited to coach one of two teams. De Jesus’ statement also echoed that of Smit.

As to certain athletes being unfamiliar with the two events to be played, both coaches mentioned that they will be holding a number of practice sessions. “Maybe we will hold a maximum of three training sessions to allow some of the players to adjust to the two sports,” explained De Jesus.

Smit, on the other hand, added, “I also want my players to develop some chemistry so that they will be able to maximize their experience in this unique event.”

Basketball coaches Aldin Ayo and Cholo Villanueva, plus Green Spiker head coach Nes Pamilar, are also expected to be the special guest referees for the two games. All three coaches stated that they are open to recruiting other Lasallian athletes and are looking forward to the event.

The event has provided an avenue for diversified athletes to play together despite the differences in their sports and skills. After the games, there will be an autograph signing and a simple meet and greet session with the Lady Spikers and Green Archers. As of press time it has only been confirmed that games will be played on the ninth floor of the Enrique Razon Sports Complex. Ticket prices and further event details are set to follow.


Team Rektikano

Head coach: Hans Smit

(men’s and women’s football head coach)

  1. Jeron Teng (men’s basketball)
  2. Abu Tratter (men’s basketball)
  3. Snow Peñaranda (women’s basketball)
  4. Tin Tiamzon (women’s volleyball)
  5. Kim Kianna Dy (women’s volleyball)
  6. Raymark Woo (men’s volleyball)
  7. Rigo Joseph (men’s football)
  8. Sara Castaneda (women’s football)
  9. David Gordon (men’s judo)
  10. Tuwi Park (men’s baseball)
  11. Jamaica Sy (women’s table tennis)
  12. Walden Ledesma (men’s table tennis)
  13. Michael Saragena (men’s badminton)
  14. Angel Cariño (women’s athletics)
  15. John Kenneth Nodos (men’s athletics)


Team Animo

Head coach: Ramil De Jesus (women’s volleyball head coach)

  1. Ben Mbala (men’s basketball)
  2. Kib Montalbo (men’s basketball)
  3. Camille Claro (women’s basketball)
  4. Kim Fajardo (women’s volleyball)
  5. Dawn Macandili (women’s volleyball)
  6. Arjay Onia (men’s volleyball)
  7. Jed Diamante (men’s football)
  8. Meryll Ledesma (women’s football)
  9. Michael Borja (men’s judo)
  10. Paul Naguit (men’s baseball)
  11. Emy Rose Dael (women’s table tennis)
  12. Ralph Nones (men’s table tennis)
  13. Andrew Pineda (men’s badminton)
  14. Maureen Schrijvers (women’s athletics)
  15. Michael Del Prado (men’s athletics)