Sports LeBron finds his playmaker in Thomas Torres
Sports LeBron finds his playmaker in Thomas Torres
LeBron finds his playmaker in Thomas Torres
March 31, 2017
March 31, 2017

Weeks after his public request for help in his team’s quest to repeat, LeBron James may have finally found the piece his Cleveland Cavaliers have been missing all year long. For most, it comes from a place no one would have ever expected.

The longtime DLSU Green Archer Thomas Torres, who recently just graduated after winning his second UAAP championship, has been tapped by Cleveland General Manager David Griffin as the team’s missing link. Griffin, when asked about the deal, was ecstatic, saying, “We’ve been searching for exactly what Thomas brings to the table: toughness.”

THOMAS CAVS - photo by joyce, edited by joyce

When asked about his newest job, Torres could only smile as he thought about his career’s next step. “I honestly can’t believe what just happened. I’m going to be in the NBA. Even I thought this would never happen.”

And he’s right. If it wasn’t for some comments made by James in recent times, this would’ve never happened. Even with the request, though, it is hard to believe that Torres was chosen over other athletes considered, like Mario Chalmers, Jordan Farmar, and Lance Stephenson. “It had to be the smile,” Torres said.

“We need a f—ing playmaker,” were the four-time Most Valuable Player’s words as he showed visual frustration towards his team’s lack of a second ball handler weeks ago. “I’m not saying you can just go find one, like you can go outside and see trees. I didn’t say that,” James said.

Weirdly enough, though, this move comes after Cleveland has already added former all-stars Kyle Korver and Deron Williams to the fold. Add in Andrew Bogut and the recent addition of Larry Sanders, and it would’ve seemed the defending champions would’ve had more than enough talent and players to repeat as NBA champions.

For James, though, Torres adds an element that the team was so desperately in need of. He said, “I think Thomas will make our games exciting. He always seems to make a play at the most opportune time.”

Adding to that, James said, “I remember seeing him stretch his opponent [Juami Tiongson] that had cramps in his rookie year. That’s definitely a skill set I need in a teammate, as you all know.”

Essentially, the newest Cavalier will be filling in the role left behind by fan favorite Matthew Dellavedova, who provided grit and an element of randomness for the team every time he stepped on the floor.

Torres, who was clearly happy with the development, clarified that he was in no way here to be the star player of this team. He said, “I’m not here to take the spotlight from LeBron. He can still take all the big shots.” Continuing, “Just like Jeron learned, though, I need some highlights for my fans out there. So a little spotlight would be good.”

By fans, Torres means the throngs of girls who have followed and supported him all throughout his basketball career. With the amount of people who actually support the former Green Archer, the Cavaliers have welcomed in a whole new demographic of fans who will be supporting the team in its bid for the championship: teenage Filipino girls. Add in the fact that Torres has done some commercials, and the spotlight on the Cavs just got a little bit bigger.

Finishing, James joked, saying, “Who knows? Maybe he can give me some tips on how he keeps his hair so nice. He’d be the real MVP for that.”

Surely, though, after Andrew Bogut’s recent injury in the first few minutes of his Cavalier debut, many are certain no one will be telling Torres to “break a leg” anytime soon.