Menagerie Jollibee opening inside De La Salle University
Menagerie Jollibee opening inside De La Salle University
Jollibee opening inside De La Salle University
April 1, 2017
April 1, 2017

Jollibee has long been considered a Filipino icon. Many people have shared fond memories at this staple. Perhaps you celebrated one of your birthdays there once, or you have memories of a parent bringing home an order of 2-piece chicken with spaghetti for merienda; whatever the case, Jollibee has been embedded into Filipino pop culture. In fact, the franchise has started popping up in countries with significant Filipino communities. For better or for worse, Jollibee is here to stay.

Due to popular demand, after opening a temporary stall in Animo Biz, Jollibee is finally opening a permanent branch inside DLSU. Lasallians don’t have to walk far to the branch beside Manila Residences or the one in Vito Cruz! Jollibee is now steps away from your classroom.


First appearance

A few days ago, videos of Jollibee walking around inside the De La Salle University campus became viral on social media. Many students were ecstatic to see their favorite furry waving at them with his vibrant smile, red clothes, and glossy antennas.

Students could be seen flocking to Br. Bloemen hall as word got around that Jollibee was in school and he brought with him a stall’s worth of goodies

“We feel very welcome here and it seems like a lot of the students are happy to see us,” says Kuya Jolly who was in charge of selling the day’s supply of Yum burgers and peach mango pies.

With expressions ranging from shock to surprise, students were mostly happy. “I’m happy about the stall! I wish they could stay though because I loved having a peach mango pie in between classes,” shared Ann* (II, MGT).

It wasn’t all excitement for students. There were also those who appeared to have some harsh words about Jollibee. “I love Jollibee but I’m still not over those Valentine’s Day ads. Those ads were unforgivable,” admits Josh* (I, BSA).

This past February 14, Jollibee released a series of ads that revolved around themes of love. Many social media users related to the videos, especially the first one revolving around unrequited love. Whatever emotions the ads brought out in you, it doesn’t erase the fact that it was a hit among audiences and Jollibee became a trending topic across social media.


Jollibee Opening - Kaycee Valmonte


Campus branch plans

In light of the success of both the Valentine’s Day ads and the recent stall in Animo Biz, the talks of a Jollibee opening inside campus have finally been approved.

“We’ve been waiting so long for this and it’s finally happening,” says a representative from Jollibee management. “We have finally received approval from DLSU to open a branch inside campus. We know from our experience with the La Salle community that we would be welcomed with open arms. Our establishment wants to make the restaurant different from the others we’ve launched before, and we’re just thrilled to open it here inside DLSU.”

Plans include free wifi for all DLSU students and personnel, a study room where students can order their favorite Jollibee meals and study in quiet, and a nap room where tired students can rest in between classes serenaded by the Jollitown theme song. Jollibee is eyeing the space beside the campus bookstore for its new branch to be more accessible to students.


Students in new Jollibee ad

Furthermore, there is news about a possible advertisement featuring DLSU students. This was confirmed by the Jollibee social media team; the advertisement is to be shot inside campus grounds and they will be announcing a casting call in the next couple of weeks.

 “We’re excited to see how it will all turn out.  We can’t think of a better setting to shoot the next Jollibee ad than here at DLSU. There are so many talented students here and we think that the advertisements would give them a chance to show off their artistic side,” reveals Mike, the lead writer of the upcoming ad.

“And there’s no better way of casting roles for this ad than people who know a thing or two about heartbreak themselves.” Scouting for talents from all departments, details concerning casting calls are expected soon.



Students are excited about the opening of a new Jollibee branch inside the DLSU campus, but it seems the excitement is only limited to the students. Spotted around Animo Biz were some of the famous characters, but according to many, the titular bee was surprisingly withdrawn and distant during the stall’s opening.

“I noticed that he’s not as cheerful as usual, though he still made an effort so that we wouldn’t notice,” observed Nica (III, PSM-ADV).  “We tried to get a picture, but he didn’t seem up for it.”

Meanwhile, Champ and Twirly, two of Jollibee’s closest friends were often seen alone together, and roaming around campus grounds.  Jollibee, required and demanded to stay near the stall’s perimeter, did not seem as enthusiastic as his friends.

When asked about the recent Valentine’s day ads and Champ and Twirly’s blossoming romance, Jollibee replied with a brisk, “No comment.”