Menagerie LEAP 2K17: A glimpse of what’s in store
Menagerie LEAP 2K17: A glimpse of what’s in store
LEAP 2K17: A glimpse of what’s in store
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April 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017

The Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) is just one of the events that students look forward to during University Week. Classes that cater to almost any interest, from yoga to origami to wakeboarding, make the prospect of learning not so gloomy. These classes that seek to bring learning outside the four walls of the classroom are innovative, praised for how truly beneficial they are to students and their interests. Year after year, expectations for LEAP classes only get higher and higher.

Most LEAP classes are spearheaded by experts and stars in the field covered by the LEAP class. Students get to learn from those who are actually practicing their passions and making statements with what they do in their work. Most of the time, those invited to teach classes have made significant contributions to the existing body of knowledge in their field.

This year, personalities from our government have decided to extend their hand in helping the Lasallian community to further improve and fine-tune their skills in various LEAP classes. From digital publishing to circuit training to lectures on various sectors of society, let these people, who have superior knowledge and experience in their various fields, help you build your own set of skills and experience—skills and experience that will take you far into the realm of success.


Circuit Training with General Bato

Are you looking to sweat out the alcohol, stress, and fat that comes with college life? Are you excited to start living healthier and better? Don’t fret! Bato’s Circuit Training Program is fast approaching!

Known for his discipline, strength, courage, and excellence in heading the Philippine National Police, Mr. Ronald dela Rosa, commonly known as Bato, is actually a fitness buff, just one of the many things that he greatly exceeds in.

One of his favorite weekend activities aside from free range shooting is circuit training. He usually does this three times a week, in order to keep his body in tip-top shape to hunt down criminals and restore justice to the alleys and slums of the Philippines.

This year, he is very much excited in sharing his three-times-a-week circuit training program for the Lasallian community. In fact, he even tested this out on the police officers under him last February. Although they were only able to work on the push-up portion of the program because they still had to put their bodies into practice and into the field of crime, Bato is sure that this training program, even if it lasts for only a day, will restore Lasallians’ bodies to justice.


Digital Journalism and Publishing with Mocha Uson

If you have ever gone on a long Facebook rant or if you have the need to share your opinions with people who want (or don’t want) them, you may be looking at a career in digital journalism. Who else is better to teach you about all the ins and outs of digital journalism and publishing than Ms. Mocha Uson herself?

Appointed MTRCB officer and one of the President’s most trusted media allies, Mocha Uson has been steadily and gradually building her ethos and writing style in this world of alternative facts. To many, she is a beacon of hope—hope that through social media, citizens will finally be able to learn the truth about their government. She is also a standard of comparison to many journalists as she is one of the most-read and most-believed people online, the realm that traditional print journalists haven’t been able to penetrate yet.

But there is so much more to journalism than the writing style and the credibility. In Mocha Uson’s digital publishing class, you will be able to learn how to market and sell your content, and how to share true and relevant news to support your arguments. Lasallians who enlist in this class will also be learning more about the business model of digital journalism: how exactly does she earn money for simply posting on her Facebook page and how does she keep it up? Either way, digital journalism has never been easier in this post-truth era!


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The Feminist Thought with Tito Sotto

Eager to immerse yourself into the world of plight and prejudice? Get ready for an eye-opening discussion with a self-identified feminist leader himself in the midst of the patriarchy.

The discussion aims to reintroduce the notion of what being a feminist is in this modern day world as well as zero in on women’s oppression in society. The former Eat Bulaga host-turned-politician, Vicente “Tito” Sotto is set to deliver the lecture on the Feminist Thought. Who says male politicians can’t be feminists?

Sotto, best known for his conscientious law-making and platform on bills geared towards forwarding women’s rights, knows a thing or two about the prevailing sexism that holds in Philippine society. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Ethics, Sotto is particularly sensitive to these topics and has a lot to say regarding the topic.

With Sotto’s political background and first-hand knowledge, expect an insightful and empowering afternoon ahead as you’ll tackle everything, from the rights women deserve to the objectification of women in society. So what are you waiting for? Conquer the patriarchy one small step at a time by joining Sotto in the dialogue and fight against blatant sexism.


Gender Identity and Transition with Manny Pacquiao

Adding to the series of talks under gender and equality, another acclaimed senator is ready to further educate the Lasallian community on an issue which is still deemed taboo to some societies.

Manny Pacquiao, the boxer-turned-actor-turned-singer-turned-basketball-coach-turned-politician, is set to deliver an informative discussion on gender identity and transition. In a short span of time, the freshman senator has become one of the most well-respected politicians in the Philippines despite his lack of prior background or any skills and knowledge for that matter. His analytical and stance on bills and issues further upholds his passion for the legislation.

So get ready to delve further into what it means to live outside society’s traditional and outdated understanding of gender as Senator Pacquiao brings his famous acuity to this LEAP class. Gender Identity and Transition will break down the challenges encountered by the transgender community as well as the steps community members can take to help address them.

In a country such as the Philippines where majority of the population is comprised of Christians who live off devout Christian values, the latter may be hard to achieve, but through the discussion, Pacquiao hopes to change people’s perceptions as well as encourage more people to look at the issue through the same forward-thinking lens as him. Amen.


Bigger and better than ever

Whether you’re looking to bust a move on the gym or educate yourself on a particular social issue, there’s a LEAP class out there for you. The activities mentioned above are only some of the multitudes of exciting classes that are lined up for this year’s LEAP. With an impressive lineup hosted by none other than experts and practitioners in their respective fields, Lasallians can expect this year’s LEAP to be bigger and better than ever, so get ready and buckle up your seats because LEAP’s got you in for a treat.