Menagerie Separating fiction from fact
Menagerie Separating fiction from fact
Separating fiction from fact
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April 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017

In the dire era we find ourselves living in, you can hardly trust anyone anymore, and therefore, our awareness of where we get our news must be heightened. The country remains in shambles, splitting itself in half between pro- and anti-government. Our society’s very pillars continue to crumble. It’s not good enough to put our faith in sources we once believed upheld the truth.

This is why we should remember that news outlets can be used as a platform to manipulate viewpoints and make us believe things that aren’t true. Gone are the days the common folk could turn on their TVs or pick up a newspaper to check on the day’s headlines. Mainstream media is slowly losing its credibility.

Now, no name bloggers have suddenly appeared and, at a steady pace, have become household names. The world as we know it is ending, and it becomes nearly impossible to determine what’s true in the hodgepodge of lies that is the media.

But lucky for you poor, inept saps out there, you’ve found yourself at the beginning of a guide detailing how to do just that. Spare yourselves the hassle of having to deal with cruel deceptions and learn how to spot what is true from what is not.


Out with the old

The first step is scrapping your local news channel. Our cable staples such as ABS-CBN and GMA have been around for decades, serving information-hungry Filipinos. After all this time, they have claimed monopoly and total control over our news streams, feeding us clickbait and deceptive information. Their lack of credibility can be seen in the simple fact that their posts get very few likes. What does that mean? It means less people are relying on them, and if that is the case, then maybe the so called “facts” they’re belching out are perhaps not as legitimate as they’d like for us to think.

Wake up, sheeple! They could be shoving lies down our throats, and no one would be the wiser! Realize what’s going on, take control of your own life, and cut the baloney out of it. The media is just trying to fool you. You’ll finally be one step ahead of the curve by catching onto what these channels are trying to do to you.


Bloggers are the future

With the local media proving to be horribly untrustworthy, it’s fortunate for us that kindhearted individuals who wish to voice out their views and debunk the spewing of the local media start their own blogs. These blogs are then filled with their own opinions or takes on pressing issues of our country.

Bloggers are to be trusted because for sure, they aren’t being paid to say whatever it is on their sites. Bloggers merely put in their personal perspective and critical analysis on issues, which majority of local news don’t do. Bloggers carefully analyze every piece of information, unlike the staff behind news channels and newspapers who wish to immediately put the juiciest news bit out there to claim dibs. This ensures that we get to the core of these pure people, and when we can get a glimpse into someone’s heart, that’s when we know we can truly trust them.

Plus, why would anyone report on the same thing as what the local media reports if local media is wrong to begin with?


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URL check

It’s essential for one to be able to determine whether or not their online source materials are credible. This can be very difficult nowadays, considering all the techy knowhow is required to understand webpages and how much doctoring these websites undergo. There will always be people trying to mess about and hinder our progress to living in a world free from lies and libel. Without properly determining the credibility of the online source, you could accidentally end up clicking some clickbait, or worse, some website with beliefs that wholly contradict what is right and true.

With the creation of blogs comes with the creation of witty and original website names. Before you click on that clickbait, check first the URL. The URL may fool you into thinking that it’s just another news site looking for page views. Some of the few things to look out for in a URL are as follows:

If there’s ‘Filipino’ in the URL, it’s sure to be relevant. Of course, who has the best perspective on our local news? Would you trust CNN International? What about the New York Times? Of course not, since they have no right to touch on issues of the Philippines, and the writers and reporters there aren’t even Filipino. If the URL has ‘Filipino’ in it, it’s written by a Filipino, or at least it has a Filipino perspective, therefore, it can be trusted.

If it has ‘getreal’ in the URL, it’s definitely legit. Well, it already says “get real”. If the URL says it’s real, there’s no doubting its validity. Duh!

When checking URL’s for credibility, the main thing is to trust your gut, and more importantly, your common sense. The information you need to determine if someone’s telling the truth is all there in plain sight! All you’ve got to do is use your eyes and learn to think independently.


Check the comment section

On free data? No problem. The comment section is a gold mine of information. Those who oppose what a certain article is saying voice it out in the comments. You can trust those who comment too! There’s just something so genuine about the people in the comments section; they feel so strongly about nearly every topic, and the passion they exude is so powerful. Those kinds of people are the ones you can trust without a doubt.

Rumors spread fast in the comment section. You don’t have to wait until the next post or next newspaper to know since comments are instant. A hot topic online will garner lots of internet traffic, and you can bet the comments section will be set alight. It’s a way for people to put together everything they know in a quick and concise manner. It’s very helpful for us on-the-go truth-seekers who need our information served up instantly, as it’s extremely important that we’re up to date with what’s going on and that we know exactly what to think.

At the rate our president and his government is going, there really is a need to filter where to get our news from. There are just too many people who want to see the world burn. However, we must be resilient. Armageddon is upon us, and we must be prepared to handle its consequences. Spare yourselves from the layers upon layers of fiction the media intends on feeding the people; follow the 100 percent trustworthy steps listed teaching you how to tell fib from fact, and have a glimpse into the light, where the truth lies.