Sports Wizard’s Chess and Lightsaber Fencing invade La Salle
Sports Wizard’s Chess and Lightsaber Fencing invade La Salle
Wizard’s Chess and Lightsaber Fencing invade La Salle

Attention Potterheads and Star Wars fans! Grip your wands and hold on to your lightsabers because the DLSU Woodpushers and Fencers are hosting the first ever Taft Alternate Reality events: Wizard’s Chess and Lightsaber Fencing.

Gear up, team up and get those brain cells flexing as recruitment begins on April 1. Everyone is invited to join this exciting event, but only the best of the best will be given the ultimate bragging rights. So review your spell book and recharge your lightsabers because sensational prizes await those who emerge on top.

WIZARDS CHESS - photo by ernest, edited by joyce

Wizard’s Chess

The Woodpushers are hyped about Wizard’s Chess because they aim to have more people appreciate the intricacy of the sport. The team has been preparing for this event in the midst of the UAAP. The Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess event is open to all Lasallian Potterheads who want to try their hand at this unique yet thrilling game of chess.

In order to join the event, a group must contain five members, each having a leader. The first round will be a round robin event while the second round will contain the knockout events until only two teams are left at the top. The team will be playing five games and will need to win three in order to win the whole match.

“Excited na kami sa event na ‘to. We just want na mas ma-appreciate ng lahat yung sport, and at the same time, have fun,” Green Woodpusher team captain Denzel Jenamore explained the team’s goals for the said event, although he also mentioned having limited slots for teams wanting to join. Only eight teams will be able to compete so keep your fingers crossed, hopeful Lasallians, and ascendio to the top when the event opens in the Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

FENCINGSABER - photo by thea, edited by athena

Lightsaber Fencing

The La Salle Fencers are ready to fight it out in a duel for the ages. The way of the force has intrigued the members of the team and has kept them busy after their UAAP campaign. The event is open to all who are brave enough to embark on the journey to become the greatest Lasallian knight. Participants are free to use the way of the Sith or the Jedi. The competition will be held in the Mall of Asia Arena and will feature the saber, epee, and foil events.

Team captains Jay Anonuevo and May Montenegro will be competing and are looking forward to the event. Montenegro says, “I am excited to see how people will approach this and I am looking forward to competing with the others.” Anonuevo mentioned that the event is an opportunity to promote the sport fencing, ”Hopefully, with this event, we will be able to discover more talents for the team in the future and develop the sport in La Salle.”

See posters and advertisements for details and unleash the wizarding and animo force within you.