Sports Montalbo opens Kib’s Kebabs
Sports Montalbo opens Kib’s Kebabs
Montalbo opens Kib’s Kebabs
March 31, 2018
March 31, 2018

Following the footsteps of Andrei Caracut and former teammate Jeron Teng, Green Archer Kib Montalbo is the next to open a stall in Agno, Kib’s Kebabs. Citing his love for Middle Eastern cuisine, the pesky point guard wanted to try his luck in the food business before graduating from DLSU.

“Since business student ako, gusto ko lang ma-try magkaroon ng sariling business bago mag-graduate,” he shares.

While there are many shawarma places around Taft, Montalbo hopes to differentiate his stall by serving Middle Eastern food aside from shawarma and specializing in that.

“I know that there are a lot of shawarma places in school and during the fairs, so gusto ko mag-focus sa iba kong favorites sa mga restaurants na ganun,” the guard explains.


Kib's Kebabs_Landscape


The menu has all the usual suspects of an Arabic place. The specialty of course is Kib’s Kebabs, which comes in either chicken or beef. A close second, however, according to Montalbo is a dish called Ben’s balls, which he named after former teammate Ben Mbala because of his love for Kofta balls. These are basically that and can come with a garlic sauce or a spicy one. Of course, other items also include Mayhem hummus and the point guard pita.

Starting his first business at La Salle for him is the perfect place because he is aware of what the students at the school are looking for because he is in fact one of them. He hopes to provide DLSU students a cheap but good option for food when they are on the go or on break. Montalbo also looks to learn new things along the way and hopefully, if his small store becomes a hit, he will expand and open other branches in Manila for everyone to experience.

Bago lang ako sa ganito and it’s a good start for me kasi I really want to pursue business one day. So sila Andrei and Jeron, since nakapagtayo naman na sila ng stall sa Agno, they gave me tips already and what to expect once mag-operate na yung Kib’s Kebabs,” he states.

As for the prices on the menu, the business major says that the prices aren’t exactly fixed yet as he is still working on them but he is thinking about ranging the prices from about 30 to 120 pesos. He also claims that the items on the menu will not be overpriced and can assure his future customers that they will get their money’s worth with servings enough to fill their stomachs with satisfaction and flavor.

What is sure, however, is that just like on the basketball floor, Montalbo will be giving his all to ensure Agno’s newest addition becomes a hit.