University Beds to be offered for students at the 24/7 study hall facility
University Beds to be offered for students at the 24/7 study hall facility
Beds to be offered for students at the 24/7 study hall facility

During the previous academic year, the University Student Government (USG) officially launched the 24/7 Study Hall at Gokongwei Lobby, which was made accessible for students and faculty of the University. Numerous services became readily available in the facility after the launch, most notably the Honesty Store. The success of the program paved the way for more services to be added, culminating in the inclusion of a self-service photocopying machine this term.

In line with these initiatives, the USG has yet again proposed another utility that will surely be of help for the students. Mildred Saquing (III, BS-CIV-TRE), who co-headed the project with Belle Ledesma (III, DSM-MGT) announced that the University administration has finally approved the official installation of beds and bean bags that will be offered to students prior to finals week. “Putting in the beds and bean bags was really part of our plan because we know students feel more physical and mental pressure during those times,” she points out.


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Availing the service

The rationale behind this project is to accommodate students who need rest,  particularly those who do not live near the University. Moreover, the USG wants to highlight the importance of health among students in the University in such a way that students could choose to use the beds or bean bags whenever they need a break in the middle of studying or they need to relax for a few minutes. In line with this, Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS) Director Dr. Aimee Guarino shares that the addition of beds and bean bags in the student facility promotes the importance of sleep for the body, which leads to better mental and physical health.

Sign-up sheets will be provided for students who are interested to use the beds or bean bags. This process is similar to the one used in The Chill at Henry Sy Sr. Hall. The same set of guidelines that are present in the Student Handbook still apply for this new addition to the student facility. Saquing states, “there will also be no time limit for the usage of beds and bean bags. Although, students are encouraged to be mindful of others when using the service.”


Student sentiments and suggestions

Julie Farn (I, AB-PSM) shares that the addition of beds would be helpful for the students since they could use these at their own expense whenever they need a break. “The beds are a great addition to the student facility since some of my friends and I want to relax for a couple of minutes before going back to work on our requirements,” she shares.

As someone who takes frequent naps in between her study sessions, Andrea Penzelen (III, CAM-MGT) agrees that the beds will be of convenience. “I’m the type of student who can’t study for a long period of time without resting. With the installation of beds, there won’t be a need to head back to my condo just to have seasonal naps,” she shares.

Lorenzo Dizon (IV, BS-LGL), also an avid goer of the facility, recommends a slight renovation in order for people to have some certain level of privacy when they want to sleep. “Personally, I think some people such as myself find it hard to sleep in a bed with a lot of people around. If small cubicles will be built, students who are self-conscious can rest better,” he explains.

In addition, Jose Paras (III, BSA) thinks that this initiative will be extremely beneficial for students who need a place to stay and study during late nights. “Having beds would truly be helpful to students especially those who are stressed with their acads. If one is really tired, the person can rest for a bit,” shares Paras. To avoid any abuse of the service, he suggests that the USG charge a minimal fee. “Since the service is free, I think that there’s a possibility that the beds might be overused. I think it will be practical if a small fee will be imposed so that the number of people using them will be regulated, and for its maintenance as well,” he proposes.


Future plans

The 24/7 Study Hall is probably one of the most well-received initiatives that the USG introduced this school year. With the launching of last term’s Honesty Store, and now beds and bean bags for students to avail of during the study breaks, the USG continuously strives to provide Lasallians with much-needed resources and services.

One of their prospective plans is to boost the speed of the internet connection in Gokongwei Lobby. It has been projected that once the bed and mattresses have been successfully installed, the number of students going to the 24/7 Study Hall will immediately increase. “By the time we place the beds and mattresses in the lobby, more students will come for sure. When that happens, more people will be competing over access to the internet,” Vice President for Internal Affairs Brian Chen expounds. “In order to meet the demands of the students, the USG hopes to upgrade the current speed and bandwidth of the Wi-Fi network to a level that can accommodate a greater population.”