University Proper etiquette on Tinder, Bumble to be major component in PERSEF courses
University Proper etiquette on Tinder, Bumble to be major component in PERSEF courses
Proper etiquette on Tinder, Bumble to be major component in PERSEF courses

Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble are beginning to find their place in the Lasallian tradition of dating. The Information Technology Services, for instance, found that DLSU students spend an average of one hour per day on at least one of the platforms.

When the DLSU Freedom Wall began to fill with anonymous complaints about alleged bad dating experiences with Lasallians, the administration took notice.

The Counseling and Educational Psychology Department (CEPD) was thus commissioned to revise the Personal Effectiveness (PERSEF) curricula to include lessons that help improve the general dating habits of the modern DLSU student.


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A look at the revised curriculum

Dr. Estesa Legaspi, chair of CEPD, explains that the decision to revise the PERSEF curriculum was based on negative feedback they received from non-DLSU students, as well as statistics they gathered from application developers, which reported that people with “DLSU” or “De La Salle University” mentioned in their profile had 69 percent less matches on average.

“You know, the rationale of these (PERSEF) courses was to help Lasallians improve in important areas of their lives. Back then, [when] we heard that corporations found Lasallians to be problematic in the workplace, we created this course to help remedy that,” Legaspi explains.

As time went on, the need to revise the curriculum arose. This time, the CEPD chair highlights, it needed to teach DLSU students another crucial life skill: the ability to date.

Legaspi also provided The LaSallian a copy of the revised PERSEF2 curriculum. In the revamped syllabus, new modules were included that touched on various aspects of dating, such as grooming, pick up lines, and safe sex education.

An activity planned for one of the modules involved requiring men and women to dress in “proper dating attire”. For men, Legaspi explains, these are suits and ties coupled with appropriately colored leather shoes. For women, these are “fancy” non-revealing dresses, skirts of length compliant to the dress code, and high heels of at least three inches.

To ensure that students are adequately dressed, both men and women will be thoroughly inspected by certified dating experts. Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education (BAGCED) Dean Dr. Raymund Sison reveals that they would be calling in instructors from the renowned dating school Pick-Up Artist (PUA) Academy for this activity.

“We have heard many great reviews on PUA Academy, and I believe DLSU students would benefit from what they have to offer,” he explains. Apart from expert advice, a copy of Smooth Attraction will also be provided to male students as a guide on how to “properly treat women,” the BAGCED Dean adds.

Another notable requirement for the course is the so-called “Dating Resume,” a two-page document that will be constructed by the Office of Counseling and Career Services specifically for the course.

Details on the resume itself are currently limited, but Legaspi assures that it will include information on dating strengths and weaknesses, “achievements” in the field of dating, previous relationship experience, and previously attended seminars on romance.

The resume will be posted in the students’ Tinder or Bumble biographies. According to Sison, the rationale behind such a move is backed by research, which showed people with longer biographies were three times more likely to get matches.

The final notable activity in the curriculum is a dating simulation that will be scheduled in the last week of the term. Students will be paired together for a simulated date, where proctors from PUA Academy will evaluate their performance. Those who are unable to impress their partner during the exercise will receive failing marks.


A welcome change

The student body was generally positive about the new change in the curriculum. Mocha Ang-Fenis (II, AB-DSM) shares that she finds this revision “inspiring” as she admits having difficulty finding dates on Bumble. “I hope this new PERSEF curriculum will help me get matches because people really don’t like swiping right on me for some reason,” she states.

Meanwhile, Nicole Desesperanza (I, AE-BSA) casts doubt on the effectiveness of the planned course, but accepts it nonetheless. “Look, I have no idea if this new PERSEF thing will work, buta at this point, I am willing to do anything just to get my crush to notice me,” she adds.

On the other hand, non-DLSU students were more thrilled by the prospect. Ty Guress, a Bumble veteran and an accountancy major in University of Santo Tomas, expresses his hopes that this will make Lasallians “easier to date.”

“On Bumble, I find it hard to swipe right when the bio says ‘De La Salle University’ because I had a really bad history with their types. With this change, I hope I can finally get a half-decent boyfriend from this school,” he remarks.