Menagerie Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun
Menagerie Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun
Animoland: Innovation in the world of fun

“The clownery never ends!” 

The exciting new motto of Animoland will soon be sneaking its way into the hearts of Lasallians everywhere. In celebration of the University’s upcoming 110th anniversary, the theme park is designed to reel even the most stressed of students into a world of fun, feasts, and frère. Concept art and limited walkthrough renders have recently been unveiled at the Learning Commons, sixth floor of Henry Sy Sr. Hall, envisioning a 25-hectare park spanning the site of the University’s Laguna Campus in Biñan.

A team of visionaries handpicked by the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, Formation and Empowerment (SLIFE) came together, squeezing every last brain cell they had to give Animoland its own unique Lasallian magic. “Gone are the long waits for other theme parks; Animoland will uphold the values of St. John Baptist de La Salle in the most amusing way possible,” shares Sam Tugon (II, BS-ORG), a representative from Alyansang Tapat sa Lasalista and the attraction committee head for Animoland. 

Happiest place in the Universe

Though the project is still in its initial planning stages, themes have already been established for the Animoland, along with concrete ideas for the attractions that the park-goers can look forward to. Entering the grounds, visitors will be afforded the opportunity to step inside a replica of St. La Salle Hall, dyed in a deep green hue. Its ghostly corridors will transport visitors to Boo-ma-kaya, a walkthrough attraction of audible hearsays of haunts from the University’s past. Being guided by a “lost spirit” in the form of a Lasallian Ambassador, guests will traverse through different dioramas about the rumors of phantom appearances in DLSU. 

Another side of the park houses Petite Rheims, a scenic space reminiscent of St. John Baptist de La Salle’s hometown, complete with Café La Casita and a local theater showcasing its film Frère. At the end of the path, guests will find themselves at the central hub where a bronze statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle awaits as guests contemplate on which attractions they want to visit next.

If visitors yearn for more ounces of fear in their park experience, they have the option to ride the HNNNG, a terrifying drop tower ride inspired by the Manila campus’ Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall elevatorsperfect for experiencing the daily panic rush to class, only to be stalled by an elevator malfunction that causes an 18-story plunge into darkness. If that’s not enough, the daredevils out there can continue their thrill-seeking adventures with University Splash!, a log ride attraction where riders try to escape flooded University premises, getting drenched in the murky flood waters of Taft. 

They’ve got it all for you

The park’s pièce de résistance is a huge rollercoaster encompassing the perimeter of the park. Reaching speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, Zama ZIPA Zam is a heart-pounding thrill ride worthy of potentially becoming one of the best roller coasters in the world. Carrying a load of 20 passengers, the ride features a spine-tingling lift measuring up to 40 meters high, and ultimately speeds down to sharp turns with an Animo Squad member cheering from every corner and dizzying corkscrews—making even the toughest thrill-seeker scream, “Hail, hail, hail!” 

The stunning La Salle star-shaped ferris wheel is another highlight of the park, standing behind the glorious bronze statue of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Carrying 16 cars that can accommodate four riders each, the Signum Fidei serves as a perfect way to cap off one’s day at Animoland as green fireworks cascade over the night sky accompanying the signature Alma Mater hymn. 

Aside from heart-stopping rides, food stalls of famous Lasallian eats such as Ate Rica’s Bacsilogan, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, and Colonel’s Curry, stationed at key areas around the theme park can be spotted as well. Even those yearning for all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue can head to a Samgyupsalamat Animoland branch where endless plates of meat—and veggie meat—await.

The future begins there

With construction nearing completion, project head Engr. Han Dimani from the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Development proudly reveals that Animoland is set to be the most technically-advanced amusement park in the country. “It’s also the very first University-themed park in the world,” he enthusiastically adds, saying that this unique situation required creative collaboration between the Blue Eagle construction firm, the Lasallian Brothers, and various representatives from De La Salle Philippines.

“We want to give the students [a] break from all their academic stresses,” irks Hugh Esgi, appointed SLIFE Coordinator for Animoland, ensuring that the park would be a perfect addition to the students’ university life. Furthermore, Glen Scouin, a representative from the Office of Counseling and Career Services, expects this University-wide initiative to “relieve the stress and pressure experienced by our students, having a positive impact toward their mental health.” 

This is highlighted in the manner by which the park caters only to the University’s students’ alumni’s families. DLSU identification and alumni cards can also be used to avail of “fast passes” to the park’s exciting rides. The park also provides stamping locations scattered around the park that visitors can add to their “Lasallian passports”, which can count as incentives for future classes. 

After several months of meticulous brainstorming and canvassing, Animoland will finally be opening very soon, cascading a fun-filled jamboree that will be accessible to all Lasallians.  

As the park will be adhering to the international rules and regulations of the amusement park industry—set by the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions—Animoland will be built according to the highest possible safety standards. “While we aim for fun and frolic in putting up this park, we ensure the production of only quality and high-caliber facilities in order to secure safety above all,” Dimani assures. 

However, the success of this project will incur some rather steep costs. In order to corroborate the proposal, the need for a tuition fee increase will be imposed in the coming terms. Dimani notes that an additional 25 percent increase in students’ miscellaneous fees may be a necessity in order to finance this project, but will vary depending on future discussions. 

For now though, all the Lasallian community can do is speculate regarding what the future holds for Animoland. “We are yet to disclose the official opening date. But for now, we are just enlivened [and] thrilled that this is finally happening,” Esgi says, confident that Animoland will definitely take the Lasallian community by storm. 

So be ready, Lasallians. The future is, and begins, there.