Sports Uniqlo x DLSU: The new look of La Salle sports teams
Sports Uniqlo x DLSU: The new look of La Salle sports teams
Uniqlo x DLSU: The new look of La Salle sports teams
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April 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021

After a decade with Nike, DLSU announced today, April 1, that they will now partner with Uniqlo, which will be the University’s new jersey sponsor for upcoming UAAP seasons.

Known for its trendy designs, Uniqlo’s merchandise is a staple in the Lasallian community. Their sportswear line, Activewear, poses a vast amount of clothing options for athletes, such as the Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants and UV Protection Support Tights combined with the company’s own ‘Airism’ technology.

Emmanuel Calanog, executive director of DLSU’s Office of Sports Development, believes that Uniqlo will bring more versatility and comfort to the athletes moving forward. He shares, “It’s a great blessing for us to partner with Uniqlo, and we expect them to cater to our athletes’ needs with personalized equipment that will suit them best.”

Made for all

With Uniqlo still on the rise in the Philippines after being on the market for several years, DLSU sticks by its students, who have proven themselves to be true fans of the brand, making the University the perfect face for the clothing line. With this newest signing, Uniqlo now makes its way to the UAAP arena. Altered to the players’ needs, its exclusive clothing line is a good addition to the Green Archers’ arsenal.

Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity, Uniqlo’s slogan, “made for all”, envisions clothing that anyone can wear “anytime, anywhere, everyday”, and clearly their aesthetic has resonated with University students, who can often be seen sporting Uniqlo tees, jackets, and pants. Its popularity among Lasallians is obvious, so it did not come as a surprise that Uniqlo became a chosen partner. In fact, as the unofficial “uniform” of the campus, many were excited upon hearing the news. 

Uniqlo’s sportswear made noises in 2018 when tennis legend Roger Federer left Nike to pursue a partnership deal with the brand, proving that the Japanese clothing line worthy of being worn by star athletes. Lady Tennister Sam Palinmo shares, “I’m really excited with the deal with Uniqlo. It’s nice to know that I’m wearing the same brand as what my idol Federer uses on the court.”

Backroom magic

The Japanese clothing company is certainly glad to have partnered with DLSU. Uniqlo Global President Tadashi Yanai tells The LaSallian, “I am happy that both parties are interested in collaborating with each other—with DLSU athletes carrying the brand while we create specific products for them.”

In February 2017, the company released its Bri-Z line, which the DLSU community immediately suited up with from head-to-toe when it first flooded the market. According to Uniqlo Philippines’ Operations Head, Akoi Tatai, the Bri-Z line was inspired by Lasallians’ “dudeparechong lifestyle”, saying it offered something fresh and that exuded confidence. He describes, “The line is catered to the green-and-white day-to-day life—school in the morning and party in the evening, keeping the fun in the clothes.”

A testament to the success of the Bri-Z line was the incorporation of the new clothing technology, “O-pereh”, which the company designed with sweat-wicking and freeflow fabric for wearers to be able to get a “harder shoti” lifestyle.

Renowned Lasallian Tiktok creator Heelu Nakuh points out what he loves most about the brand. “You know after my 7 pm class, I drive with my brodies to BGC, ready for the rave, and I am confident that I would not be bringing Agno smell wherever I go. With that I can party right away with the shotis,” he utters.

With the Uniqlo and DLSU connection cast in stone, after the deal signing, the Green Archers were delivered with the prototype LozolWear sports attires, which feature temperature control within the weaves, keeping the wearer on the highest level of cool.

Aang Malasquo from the DLSU men’s basketball team shares, “Although I prefer Nike when it comes to sportswear, I’m excited to try the new jerseys out and get accustomed with it.” It was clarified, however, that La Salle’s deal with Uniqlo will be an addition to their past deal with Nike as the latter will still provide shoes and other apparel to players.

The new gear, however, is not yet available to the public. Uniqlo Senior Vice President Takahiro Wakabayashi comments, “The players and fans alike must wait for whatever we have in store for them. The custom activewear, which will be crafted for them, will leave them in awe.” 

More than just clothes

Calanog emphasizes the commitment of the brand to the Green-and-White. He shares, “We want to be different from the enemies, so bakit gagayahin natin ‘yung mga asul at dilaw kung pwede naman tayo maging berde? Ipagmalaki natin ang uniporme ng bawat Lasalista!”

(Why do we have to be like the blue and yellow schools when we can be green. We must take pride in the uniform that Lasallians wear!)

Yanai adds, “Partnering with DLSU will be a major breakthrough in the charity sector of the company since we share the same ideals and initiatives.” With a commitment to serve, DLSU and Uniqlo have moved out of their comfort zones to extend a hand to those in need. With this signing, it is anticipated that both institutions will join forces for humanitarian causes.

With the “DLSU x Uniqlo” partnership now in full force and the public unveiling of the line coming soon, 2021 is bound to be an interesting year for fans of the brand and the Lasallian community.