Zaloguj si? A kept processes is actually several SQL and you may PL/SQL orders you to definitely perform particular tasks Zaloguj si? A kept processes is actually several SQL and you may PL/SQL orders you to definitely perform particular tasks
A kept processes is actually several SQL and you may PL/SQL orders you to definitely perform particular tasks
July 3, 2022
July 3, 2022

A kept processes is actually several <a href=""></a> SQL and you may PL/SQL orders you to definitely perform particular tasks

six. What is actually stored process? It’s written, collected, and you may kept in the newest databases, and will feel done of the a person or database app.

8. What’s the use of eventually? Ultimately is used in combination with is actually stop. Whether the exemption try tossed or perhaps not, finally take off would be executed.

17. What is the difference in DTD and you will Outline? Schemas have quite ancient system of data variety of. Schemas commonly modular, therefore it is hard in order to recycle the main DTD. They are certainly not easily extensible: There is nothing like inheritance regarding the DTD world.

twenty four. What is actually means when you look at the Database? A features is a lot like a held Procedure. An element of the difference in her or him would be the fact a work efficiency a great well worth, and you will a stored procedure doesn’t. Another variation is when a features are going to be titled. It can come back an esteem, become invoked by way of a choose demand, and you will be used in computations with various other form.

—————————————- Inquiries and Tips: 1) Polymorphism (overloading, overriding, personal, static) 2) Serialization (procedures, coding) 3) Collection (Interfaces, Groups, duplications, null of important factors, null away from beliefs, purchase, synchronized) 4) a) Synchronized. b) What is the diff. ranging from synchronized cut-off, and you can snychronized approach? c) What’s the more between process and you will posts? 5) Exception (is, catch, eventually, toss, places, user-defined as well as) Style of exception? Diff. between Error and you may Exception to this rule? 6) ConnectionPooling seven) Sequence (Object, LiteralPool, Equals, == ) 8) User interface 9) Abstract class (Diff. ranging from conceptual classification, interface), what is the accessibility conceptual classification, whenever tend to you put it to use? 10) Packages 11) coffee.lang.Target (cloneable)

Measures cannot be personal Parameters can not be individual All of the particularly variables is actually individual. MyException is not a great subclass regarding runtime exclusions. Exactly what are the change is built to the fresh new offered means to deal with the fresh eception step one. Class Exceptionthrown K. Put throws the MyException(); lined up number 4 L. Incorporate throw MyException(); in line #6 Yards. Incorporate place new MyException(); in-line # 6 N. Add place the fresh new MyException(); in-line # 4 O. Modify the method report in a fashion that an object out of variety of Exception is to be thrown What’s the production of following the system public group Trial


The applying designs The value of x try 8; A beneficial. The program prints The worth of x was 0; B. The program does not assemble. Given the adopting the code Drift F1 = the fresh new Drift(0. String> Exactly what are the possible values out-of x in the event the “Try 3” is to be published ? MouseEvent Which of your own pursuing the holds true indigenous method statement when you look at the Coffees ? And this of the after the measures are going to be lawfully added within range designated xx ? Sequence method1() puts IOException Considering the following the code if (x > 4) Below 0 B. Not one What’s the variety of good char method of? Good. >> really works a finalized move and you can >>> works an unsigned change. B. >> work a keen unsigned move and >>> functions a finalized shift.

All the like details are societal All of the like variables was individual and you may social accessor procedures are offered to obtain the philosophy away from for example variables On the following system, if somecondition() output correct, after that merely line number 3 have to place a custom made exception to this rule MyException

Exactly what are appropriate Java terminology . NULL An effective. True C. Chart A great. Listing //dupes + bought B. Put C. Collection // dupes + unordered Need a component to retain its width, however this new height whenever resized. How will you do this ? Place the component into the North otherwise South within the an effective BorderLayout A. Put the component in the exact middle of an excellent BorderLayout B. Place the role for the East otherwise Western within the a great BorderLayout You has outlined a category and sandwich kinds of the same. However you do not want the methods of your own awesome classification to help you be overridden . Program. The worth of we is actually step 1 An effective. The value of i try 0 B. Done Cpilation Error D. Runtime Mistake What is the production of your following the program classification Example