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Albert Bofill
Project BISYON: Inside DLSU’s virtual reality campus
Hanasherie Shookt // April 1, 2021

Online classes have taken a toll on students’ motivation, drastically magnifying the ever-growing obstacles they face amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March last year, Lasallian administrators have made it their top priority to find an effective way to counteract the strain brought by the current situation. After countless fruitless attempts, the administrators were starting to…

USMOKIT: Destigmatizing the cultivation of marijuana
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // April 1, 2020

Recent decades have brought forth huge strides in medical marijuana research, led by countries like Canada and The Netherlands, alongside more Western countries decriminalizing the use of marijuana. This has led to countless new hybrids of the Cannabis plant and discoveries pertaining to their application especially in the medical field. Here in the Philippines, taking…