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Zea Asis
Onto a more student-centered DLSU Trade
Feature Shookt // April 1, 2017

Past the mandatory ID scan and inspection, with just minutes to spare before the first class of the week, you’re greeted by animation in the halls. Some have already laid out their stocks, others still arranging their display; there’s a bazaar this week in campus. By noon students flock to queues marked by the comforting…

How to get away with murder
Feature // April 1, 2016

The long wait is over. Law Education at DLSU (LEAD) has announced the latest course, which they will provide in their curriculum, entitled ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. A respected institution since 2010, LEAD has decided to take their legacy to the next level.   The road to approval It seems that it’s not…

Yoga and the new path with Carlo Inocencio and Patrick Kahn
April 24, 2015

It is a hot Wednesday afternoon as we walk into a heated yoga studio in the Enrique Razon Sports Center. Inside, Carlo Inocencio and Patrick Kahn greet us while engaged in seemingly uncomfortable positions. The latter is in the middle of a headstand while the former is indian sitting, remarkably, upside down. Kahn later tells…