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Emily Lim
Night at South Gate: Meet the Stoners
Feature Hanasherie Shookt // April 1, 2020

The University’s famed South Gate underwent a significant renovation in 2017. Gone was the little nook older Lasallians were familiar with and here was its natural evolution: a state of the art entryway reminiscent of those in posh malls. Everyday, many hurriedly pass through the spacious area, oblivious to the looming structure standing in the…

Swimming in pearls: The DLSU water fountain redemption story
Feature Hanasherie Shookt siz // April 1, 2019

When Lasallians pushed for cleaner water systems, DLSU said yes—and gave them milk tea.  A recent project by the administration has revealed that the University’s water fountains have a higher concentration of Echosera coli (E. coli) than the infamously murky waters of Manila Bay. Shocked and disturbed by this discovery, the school administration, as well…